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Lewis Hamilton’s SECRET LETTER to Barack Obama!!

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Hello Mr. Obama,

Congratulations on your victory Mr. Obama. Though I was really sad for Sarah Palin (read eye candy!!) loosing out on Vice Prez, I am happy that you have become the most powerful person of the planet. Americans now atleast have someone to show off their dislike for racism. But hey, you know me..isn’t it??

I am Lewis. Lewis Hamilton.

An F1 driver!! A world champion!! Shit…how stupid of me. You Americans don’t know that F1 stands for Formula 1…(I’ll remember it the next time). And just to prompt you to further read my letter, have a look at the picture below….I even resemble you!! OMG !!


But unlike you, I had to work really hard for my world championship. That Massa guy, almost had it this time. Had it not been for Toyota’s Timo Glock, I would have again lost it by 1 point. God bless Timo. And the funny part is, that last year, I lost the world championship by 1 point (I know, its really sad) and this year, I won it by 1 point. But I do feel bad for Massa. The guy must be really frustrated. This time last year Felipe Massa was playing the supporting role as Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen took the 2007 drivers’ championship. On Sunday at Interlagos the roles were reversed, Massa almost snatched it from me. I swear, Massa is no longer the Ferrari number 2. He is now as strong as Kimi.

And just read what Massa had to say after the race –

“It was an exciting day. We did everything to perfection and we almost managed to pull it off. Then, as I crossed the line, race engineer Rob Smedley told me that Hamilton had finished fifth and therefore he took the title by one point. Sport is like this and one has to accept that. Congratulations to Lewis: whoever gets the most points deserves the title.”

Now that’s a true gentleman. Just like us…the Britishers. Oops…Massa is a Brazilian (American). 😉

But your job is not as adrenaline pumping as mine. You have 4 years to run your country. I just have some hours to run a good race. Talking of adrenaline, how can I forget Fernando Alonso? The Spanish Bull overflowing with adrenaline. I am 100% sure that this guy is going to win the next year’s championship and have me kneeling down in front of him. But lets be a bit optimistic and cross the bridge when it comes.

So what about Palin? Can’t you persuade or force her to join you as a democrat? I swear you will have a lot of glamour in your armory. And we all know the power of glamour. 🙂 And please, do something about the economic mess that your predecessor George Bush has created. I am no expert in economy but theses guys from BBC just keep on saying that world is in a recession, USA’s economy has come to an end and ‘Queen knows what not’.

What else…?? I think I will now spend some more time with my new girlfriend and my autobiography. I have to complete it soon or I’ll become too old.

Till then, cheers to ‘our colored victory.’




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Fernando Alonso read and replied to my letter!!!

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Now this is something amazing. I wrote a letter to the 2 time world champion Fernando Alonso.

You can read the letter – My Letter to Fernando Alonso.

Though I never expected him to reply, but amazingly, he did!! And how? He won the inaugural Night Grand Prix in Singapore after starting 15th on the grid!!

Fernando Alonso

And let alone us, even Fernando was surprised. This is what he said – “It was fantastic. I can’t believe it and I think I need a couple of days to realize we have won a race.”

Fernando…thank you for reading & responding to my letter.

An open letter to Fernando Alonso

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Hi Fernando,

It would be very stupid to ask you about you well being. I know you are not good right now. And its the Renault’s useless shit-on-wheels that is troubling you this year. But, how could you sign them on for 1 more year? You should have waited a bit more to see if they are getting any better or may be some other team might be interested in you.

Never mind. The point is that you have been the world champion twice. But if I did not tell those watching the race about your previous victories, your current form won’t prove your heroics at all. So that’s a serious problem for you dude. But now my confessions to you. I always was and will remain a big fan of Schumi. Michael was literally a rule changer. I don’t think that anyone was ever, in sporting history of any sports, was so instrumental in getting the rules changed, just because, he was too good for others!! But Michael is not in game anymore. Lucky you. So here comes my next confession. You are the best that we currently have in all the drivers. Your aggression of Spanish Bull, your maneuvers with terrible Renaults, your moving up the ranks having started at the back of the grid, are all awesome. So why am I telling you all this? Because I want someone deserving to win the championships. And for that you just need 2 things. First is a good car. A driver is not complete in himself. A car and driver are one unit. So find your better half and do it soon. Secondly, you should learn from this guy,…..what is his name….lemme see… yes….. Kimi ‘I AM ICE COLD’ Raikkonen. I am sure you might have heard about him. 😉 Aggression does not always pay. Just see how cool this Kimi man is? And did you see that last year when he won the championship from you and Lewis, he did not even celebrate too much. I know that you are more aggressive while you are unconscious, than he is in his F1 car. But still, you need to take some yoga classes or ice pack treatments from him to cool yourself down. So won’t I suggest some lessons from Lewis Hamilton. No. Never. You are far better than he is.

I know you secretly desire to join the ranks of Ferrari. Oh come on… its not a surprise find by me. I know your ‘BULL’ish instinct and I am not color blind that I could not notice that Ferrari is you favorite or most ‘hated’ color. But dude, there will be certain problems for you at Ferrari. You are a hot tempered man and so is the Italian team. And sooner or later, Schumi will start running the team. And its very obvious that you don’t want to answer to Schumi, do you? So be cool and don’t take your decisions with your hot head. You can always contact me for further directions.

And yes…don’t worry if you don’t make any significant contribution to the first night GP at Singapore. I am not expecting anything with you, in that SHIT Renault.

Be brave

A Ferrari Fan

World’s Billionaire Heiresses

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So Forbes List of Billionaire Heiressess is out. And what an emotional site!! All 3 in the top 3 are Indians!

Here are the girls…


No. 1: Vanisha Mittal Bhatia


Daughter of Lakshmi Mittal, $45 billion


The second child and only daughter of the world’s fourth-richest man, steel baron Lakshmi Mittal, Vanisha serves on the board of directors of her father’s $103 billion (market cap) company, ArcelorMittal. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the European Business School and a master’s in South Asian studies from London’s prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies. She made her name in the heiress hall of fame with her 2004 wedding to banker Amit Bhatia, a week-long affair in Paris attended by 1,000 guests; it reportedly cost $60 million.


        No. 2: Isha Ambani

Daughter of Mukesh Ambani, $43 billion


The only daughter of the world’s fifth-richest man, Isha has been photographed with her father at cricket matches. (He owns cricket team Mumbai Indians). At 16, she already holds a stake worth about $80 million in Reliance Industries, the petrochemicals giant her father runs. A former student body council president, she also plays on her school’s championship soccer team and is a trained pianist.


        No. 3: Pia Singh

Daughter of K.P. Singh, $30 billion


A graduate of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Singh pursued a six-week filmmaking course at New York University and later worked in the risk-underwriting department at GE Capital. She now works for her father’s DLF group, where she heads its entertainment venture, DT Cinemas, and is managing director of its luxury retail business. Already she has a stake worth $400 million.


        No. 4: Delphine Arnault-Gancia

Daughter of Bernard Arnault, $25.5 billion


The willowy beauty and heiress to luxury goods icon LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton appears to be her father’s heir apparent. An LVMH board member, the former consultant was named managing director of couture house Christian Dior in April; she already sits on the board of two other LVMH brands, Pucci and Loewe.


        No. 5: Marta Ortega Perez

Daughter of Amancio Ortega, $20.2 billion


Youngest daughter of Spain’s richest man is considered to be next in line to run $27.5 billion (market cap) Inditex, an apparel manufacturer that also owns Zara retail stores. As discreet as her notoriously private father, the 26-year-old was, until recently, better known for her love of horses–Dad reportedly built an equestrian center for her–than her business ambition. Yet last year she started learning the ropes at her family’s stores and is expected to be named to the board.


        No. 6: Anastasia Potanina

Daughter of Vladimir Potanin, $19.3 billion


The 24-year-old daughter of Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin has embraced her father’s love of athletics. A former world champion in the extreme sport of Aquabiking (or Jet-Ski racing) she reportedly retired recently to focus on a career in sports management. Her father has promoted numerous Aquabike competitions and played a prominent role in Russia’s successful bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics in the resort city of Sochi, site of Anastasia’s 2005 title.


        Nos. 7 and 8: Georgina and Emma Bloomberg

Daughters of Michael Bloomberg, $11.5 billion

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s two daughters, 25-year-old Georgina and 29-year-old Emma are as driven as their father, though in very different fields. Georgina, an equestrian since the age of 3, has risen through the ranks to become one of the country’s top-ranked show jumpers, a sport where horse and rider navigate five-foot-tall fences. An equine injury kept her out of the 2008 Olympic trials, but she’s training for 2012. Emma, a recent graduate of Harvard Business School and its Kennedy School of Government, has been active in her father’s political campaigns. However, Bloomberg is a generous philanthropist: He’s made no formal announcement, but there are rumors he plans to give most of his prodigious fortune away.


        No. 9: Marina Berlusconi

Daughter of Silvio Berlusconi, $9.4 billion


Daughter of three-time Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Marina, 42, chairs her father’s holding company, Fininvest Group, as well as Mondadori Group, Italy’s largest book and magazine publisher. She also sits on the boards of four Fininvest companies. Berlusconi studied at the University of Milan but left to work at Fininvest before she earned her degree. She currently lives in Milan with Maurizio Vanadia, a ballet dancer, and their two children.


        No. 10: Samantha Kluge

Daughter of John Kluge, $9.5 billion


An eccentric heiress whose multiple tattoos and two annulled marriages once gave her a wild child reputation, Kluge has since settled down in Los Angeles, where she runs a jewelry and accessories design firm. The former style editor for Glamour is the sole biological child of German-American media mogul John Kluge, who in 1989 was ranked America’s richest person. There may be another name to add to the trust: Samantha was rumored to have had a baby boy this past spring, though nothing has been confirmed.

Missing from these rankings are far more visible socialites like Paris Hilton or Amanda Hearst, whose relations to billionaires are more distant, and whose chance of inheriting the family fortune not as great. Even Paris’ nightclub-appearance fees wouldn’t bring her close to the ranks of these 10 women.

Source : Forbes World’s Billionaires Heiresses List

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