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You have to run your own race

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I got an automated mail this morning from Robin Sharma, which talked about ‘the best advise (I) had ever got’. One of them was that you have to run your own race.

My thoughts…

Due to cultural conditioning, we are hardwired to look outside for validation. Our definitions of success and failure are what society wants it to be. And it is pretty hard not to compare yourself with others. External comparison is convenient. It is easier to have benchmarks which are not within our control than those which may be within us. And reason for this is that introspection is tough. It is tough to take a call about what exactly is your personal definition of success; which race are you running; whom are you running against?

And worst part is that it is possible that you are good at something that society considers to be good. But it may not necessarily be good for you. It may not be in synch with your values, beliefs and general purpose of existence. What then happens is that you blindly follow this path of hollow success and end up realizing that though you did climb the ladder successfully, it was the wrong wall (!)

Another danger of social definition of success is that if you measure your success relative to how everyone else is doing you will probably end up far below your potential.

So you need to remember that…

Your life is your own. You have to choose your own race. You have to choose your opponents. Even if it means that you are your only opponent. Atleast you would be running the race on your own terms. It is better to fail at one’s own race than win at someone else’s.

Some questions to help you ponder over this thought –

  • With whom are you competing against?
  • Where has this race taken you?
  • Are you happy with where you have reached?
  • Was the answer to above question dependent on what others think of you?
  • Are you running the best race for you?
  • Or are you running someone else’s race better than they are?

And your life should not end with saying – I have finished first at their race.

It should rather end with – I have finished my race. (Position is redundant).


Written by Dev

April 14, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Best Songs of Bollywood in 2008

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I know we are nearing the end of the first month of the year and my post is a bit late to start with. But still I wanted to do a list of sort for the best songs, or rather the songs which I liked in the last year.

So, here I present the list of songs that my ears fell for. Also, you must acknowledge the fact that this is a personal list and is not in anyway guided by any other person except me. Everyone has an opinion…isn’t it? 😉


Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye – Ghajini

Now I really never expected that such a song could be made. Really such heart filling emotions…Rehman is the ‘real’ magician.


Tu Muskura Jahaan Bhi Hai – Yuvraaj

The emotions are so pure in the song. And that is what makes it a winner.


Tashan Mein – Tashan

The most rocking song of the year. No matter how many people have a negative bias for Tashan. I just love it.




Jashn – e – Bahara – Jodha Akbar

A classical beauty. Its so soothing to here this song when you are all by yourself.


Guzarish – Ghajini


Kabhi Kabhi Aditi – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

I have been an old fan of this song. Read this




Jugni – Oye Lucky Lucy Oye!!

Raw. Crude. F’ol’kingly MANLY…..Men Are Back!!!


Behka – Ghajini


Rock on – Rock On!!


Tu Hi Toh Meri Dost Hai – Yuuvraaj

Backlit Vertical DS.inddjannat-poster1dostana-wallpaper1


Singh is king – Singh is Kinng

Crudeness of the song wins it for me….and SINGHS now have their very on anthem.


Socha Hai – Rock On


Khuda Jaane – Bachnaa Ae Hasino


Aahista Aahista – Bachna Ae Hasino


Jaane Kyun – Dostana


Sexy Lady – Race

😉 (Its all about wickedness honey!)


Jannat Jahan – Jannat

A damn ambitious song. Was absolutely spot on with the emotions that the song was supposed to portray.


Tere Bina –Superstar



Get On The Floor – Yuuvraaj

Thats about it all. I have really no issues if anyone has any problems with my list.

Lewis Hamilton’s SECRET LETTER to Barack Obama!!

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Hello Mr. Obama,

Congratulations on your victory Mr. Obama. Though I was really sad for Sarah Palin (read eye candy!!) loosing out on Vice Prez, I am happy that you have become the most powerful person of the planet. Americans now atleast have someone to show off their dislike for racism. But hey, you know me..isn’t it??

I am Lewis. Lewis Hamilton.

An F1 driver!! A world champion!! Shit…how stupid of me. You Americans don’t know that F1 stands for Formula 1…(I’ll remember it the next time). And just to prompt you to further read my letter, have a look at the picture below….I even resemble you!! OMG !!


But unlike you, I had to work really hard for my world championship. That Massa guy, almost had it this time. Had it not been for Toyota’s Timo Glock, I would have again lost it by 1 point. God bless Timo. And the funny part is, that last year, I lost the world championship by 1 point (I know, its really sad) and this year, I won it by 1 point. But I do feel bad for Massa. The guy must be really frustrated. This time last year Felipe Massa was playing the supporting role as Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen took the 2007 drivers’ championship. On Sunday at Interlagos the roles were reversed, Massa almost snatched it from me. I swear, Massa is no longer the Ferrari number 2. He is now as strong as Kimi.

And just read what Massa had to say after the race –

“It was an exciting day. We did everything to perfection and we almost managed to pull it off. Then, as I crossed the line, race engineer Rob Smedley told me that Hamilton had finished fifth and therefore he took the title by one point. Sport is like this and one has to accept that. Congratulations to Lewis: whoever gets the most points deserves the title.”

Now that’s a true gentleman. Just like us…the Britishers. Oops…Massa is a Brazilian (American). 😉

But your job is not as adrenaline pumping as mine. You have 4 years to run your country. I just have some hours to run a good race. Talking of adrenaline, how can I forget Fernando Alonso? The Spanish Bull overflowing with adrenaline. I am 100% sure that this guy is going to win the next year’s championship and have me kneeling down in front of him. But lets be a bit optimistic and cross the bridge when it comes.

So what about Palin? Can’t you persuade or force her to join you as a democrat? I swear you will have a lot of glamour in your armory. And we all know the power of glamour. 🙂 And please, do something about the economic mess that your predecessor George Bush has created. I am no expert in economy but theses guys from BBC just keep on saying that world is in a recession, USA’s economy has come to an end and ‘Queen knows what not’.

What else…?? I think I will now spend some more time with my new girlfriend and my autobiography. I have to complete it soon or I’ll become too old.

Till then, cheers to ‘our colored victory.’




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