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How to add a Windows Live Writer plugin for Wordpress tags

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Very few ‘really’ great things are there to support blogging, and I swear Windows Live Writer is God’s gift to people like us.

While using WLW, I was seriously missing the ability to add WordPress tags to my posts. It did have an insert tags options, but WordPress specific tags (allows other bloggers to find you post based on the tags) were not easy to add.

Now I have found a plugin designed by WLW’s team member J. Cheng and not by Microsoft.

By default, the support to post WordPress specific tags is not enabled in WLW . So some things have to be done in order to enable the support to add tags when you blog from Windows Live Writer.




Click  on the page below to get to author, J. Cheng’s page which allows downloading of the said plugin.

Adding WLW plugin for WordPress specific tags

After downloading the plugin, when you restart the WLW, on the right bottom, you will find ‘a button with 2 upward facing double arrows’. Once you press it, you will witness a beautiful properties screen at the bottom of you post. Among other fields, it contains a Keywords field. This is WLW’s equivalent of tags.

So now, you can add as many CSVs (comma separated values) to the keywords field.

Happy tagging…

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Written by Dev

August 31, 2008 at 11:47 am