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Anna! What have you done!!

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On 27th August 2011, Baba Ramdev & BJP realised something. That calm of White is more powerful than aggression of Saffron. All it took to bring a mighty government to its knees was will of one man. And mind you, this mighty government had been elected by 1.2 billion people.

Interestingly, a World Cup triumph could not inspire Miss Pandey to live upto her promise. But Mr. Hazare’s fast made Yogitta Dandekar and Jenny to embrace tricolours in unimaginable ways. Even our very beloved Angry birds got a competition from ‘Angry Anna’.

I read it somewhere that “Anna has lit a fire. It’s for us to keep the flame of hope alive.” All the online & offline forums are busy appreciating Anna’s efforts. Anna has indeed done a repeat of RDB. Everyone is ready to light candles and sit on dharnas.

But I don’t feel that what happened, happened for the good…

Will Lokpal Bill serve its purpose of eradicating corruption? I am not sure. But what I am pretty sure of is that corruption is in our blood and it is here to stay. It’s in the very fabric of what represents our Indian society today. And just a Bill might not be sufficient.

Indian government is already facing problems of high inflation and slowing growth. But instead of focusing its effort on these issues, it is forced to deal with Anna(s). The focus is more on fire fighting and less on working towards sustainable growth and development. And this does not auger well for country. If one person can derail a duly & constitutionally elected government and make a complete mockery of the Constitutional process, then what kind of growth can we expect in such a country? Who will have faith to invest in a country which has such unstable political environment? An imperfect democracy is far better than a perfect dictatorship. The claim of Mr Hazare and his gang that they are actual representatives of Indians is not democratic but dictatorial. Indian public is much more concerned about earning its daily bread than it is about corruption. And the worst part is that even the Middle Class is finding time to get involved in these ‘disastrous’ events! And I swear that if this trend continues, all bets on India would be off. But if people, somehow do regain sense and go back to work instead of taking part in agitations, only then will the good times be ahead and not behind us.

I read it in an article that a lot of important economic issues like formation of an Indian Sovereign Wealth Fund, FDI in multi-brand retail are pending for final decision. But our government does not have the time. It has to deal with ‘our savior’ Anna.

The image in this post says it all – Anna Arrests Government.

PS –After March 2010, this is the first month when I have written more than 2 posts!


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August 29, 2011 at 2:47 am

My journey to nowhere & the story of how your spit can save your life

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All the above pictures are a snapshot of where I was and all were taken with an ancient mobile phone’s camera and each one of them is 90 degrees apart. All the pictures give a 360 degree view of where I was.

First of all, let me put some facts on the table.

I was not air dropped for the shooting of India’s very own version of Man Vs Wild.

I was there for some official purpose (Read There as barren, water & life starved wasteland!!). You must be thinking that there is, in fact, no office to be seen in the vicinity (in all the pictures), so how does the question of something official pops up? Being in the energy sector, my organization regularly sends officers for patrolling purposes in remote areas. And this was the very reason for me being where I was. And just to gain some more points portraying myself as someone heroic, I would like to tell you, that I was 15 Kms away from the nearest road / highway & 8 Kms away from nearest living thing (Don’t count trees here). J

With a cap on my head, a cloth to cover my face, full sleeved shirt and jeans on, safety shoes in legs and a water bottle and some documents, I was ready to start my journey. Here I need to mention the time of starting my journey. The time was 11 am. I am emphasizing on time because it is going to play major role later on. Temperature, I am not sure, but it must have been in late 40s!! 😉 …just imagine!

So, what I had to do was to cover my stretch of 6 Kms and meet other officers at a predecided location, around 7 Kms from my starting point.

And please do make a note of the fact that I had to walk it all!! No vehicles or any other means of transport. Just my 2 legs. Reason – Rubber tires would be useless in such a rocky, barren land full of cactus and the other creepy stuffs.

I had to follow certain markers or sort of milestones in the area. Now each of these was around 250 meters apart. To cut the long story short, I completed the first 1.5 Kms with ease. I was actually having fun. And it must have been because I have always been game for testing my limits and doing interesting and sometimes silly things. But all was not fine. At the place, where I should have found a marker of 1.75 Kms, there was nothing. I thought that may be it must have been stolen away or been buried under the soil. I kept moving. Now came the point, where I should have found the 2 Km marker. Again it was absent. At this point I started feeling the heat. And I am sure that temperature at that point must have gone to around 50!! And just to make the matters worse, I decided to take snaps of the barren wastelands I was in. And in doing so, I moved around a bit. I turned back and took snaps; then again some on the left and right and so on.

The result was that I completely lost my sense of direction I came from, with no markers in any direction, I was in a state of shock!! Though I knew that I was mere 5 Kms away from my colleagues, what I did not know was the right direction. And unluckily, there were no telecommunication signals. I could no longer make any calls. And that is not all. At 12 in the noon, even my shadow ditched me. I couldn’t even get the sense of direction using my shadow as a compass.

With no mobile signals, extreme heat, without directions and with a ditching shadow, I was really at the mercy of the nature. I could really feel what Power of Nature exactly meant.

Now one of the greatest questions that I have ever faced had to be answered then and there.

In which direction should I head?

At that point I remembered something. Just before reaching the very spot I was stranded on, I had spitted some water while drinking. That was the only mark I could have found. It was indeed my last hope of finding the direction from which I came from. But I had to find that spitted water fast. Or the heat would have evaporated it. So I put a mark at the point at which I was standing and with a radius of about 20 meters, I searched the entire area of the resultant circle. And with god’s grace, I found it. I found my spit. I had never imagined that, one day I will be so happy to see my spit. I had never known that, my spit; my very own spit will save me one day.

Having got my sense of direction, I started moving ahead. And finally after walking for about 300-400 meters, I found the marker. I was finally on the right track.

Lesson for life : Anything. Absolutely anything can save your life one day. Even your spit.

Though I was on right path, I still had to walk around 3 more kilometers. Only thing that was missing from my ‘hot’ adventure was dehydration. And that was the very thing that started catching me wrong footed. I just had half a liter of water left with me for the next 3 kilometers. But I had no option, I couldn’t stop and relax as there were no trees in the wasteland to relax under. If I drank all the available water, I might dehydrate even before reaching the end of my journey. I had to keep walking. And that was the very thing that I kept doing.

I could literally feel my blood boiling. I even came across a small wet pond of sorts. But couldn’t even have drop of water from there because a dead animal’s body was lying in that water patch, smelling like hell.

Time went on and I walked on. And finally, after some time and a few bruises, I did make it to the end. Met my colleagues there, who themselves had quite a torrid time in the field. So, finally, I had survived. I never knew that a walk of 6 odd kilometers could be such an effort.

But this official trip of mine did teach me a lot of things –

Nature is supremely powerful. If it doesn’t want, we can never win from it.

Keep a compass, if you plan getting lost around noon time, in the middle of nowhere.

Anything. Absolutely anything can save your life one day. Even your spit. 😉

When Sachin hit 163…

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Now these are the very things that came to my mind when I saw Sachin turn into a non vegetarian by eating Kiwis after Kiwis and then the entire New Zealand, with his 163*. Man…wasn’t he just awesome?? 




It must be a relief for the RBS (?? = Royal Bank of Scotland) guys, who would have sent millions on having our Sachin as their very own Indian brand ambassador. But the way Sachin played – it was like he was trying to personify the lines of an RBS commercial “Once in generations, a player is born, who changes the way game is played”. Couldn’t have chose better words. And after all those losses due to global economic meltdown, at least something is paying dividend to RBS 😉


It makes you feel that it is still a very good idea to support the Mukesh Ambani owned Mumbai Indians in IPL. (But supporting Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance at BSE is a different thing) 😉 (Got the hint na…)



Sachin must have seen Aamir bhai’s GHAJINI twice!! Once to watch Aamir’s phenomenal body with his mouth wide open and shouting “Aaila!” ….and second to get tips on playing the lead in One-Man-Demolition-Roles. 😉


Sensex on monday will rise a 163 points in appreciation of Sachin’s knock of 163*. (Am I predicting?? …of course I am 🙂 (That way, even I will have profits) )

Jai Ho!! Just imagine Sachin hitting a Six into the stands with the Oscar Dominating Jai Ho in the background. Tempting?? Even I thought so. But these ________ news channels (Help yourself an adjective in the blank) kept on repeating this ‘tempting’ concept the entire day man!!! And note that I said channel(s) and not one channel. They all did it!!

Ending with everything has always been an illusion that drives men crazy. But this knock makes me feel that Sachin will eventually be the one who is going to break one Mr. Anwar’s record of the highest individual one day score of 194. (Sorry girls, I know you wont be remembering him. But us guys, can never forget that evening – getting beaten by a person single handedly, on our own soil, in our own Independence Cup!!) 😦

And finally…is marrying a girl older than yourself, really the key to greatness?? (Hint: Saif did it too).


Written by Dev

March 8, 2009 at 8:57 pm

Why Unitech wins even after being 90% down & Government loses even after gaining $330 million?

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First lets talk about what happened to the Unitech’s stock price in the last one year.

Unitech 1 year

As you can see, the 52 week High of Unitech stands at Rs. 546.80. And on 24th October 2008, the stock price fell to a laughable Rs 30. That’s more than a 90% fall. And 24th October’s close was 50% less than that of Thursday. By the way, Unitech is no small or micro cap stock. Its a large cap! A large cap loosing 10% in a day is terrible, and here Unitech losing 50% was just horrifying for the entire market.

And let me remind you, Unitech was the stock that traded around Rs 1.50/- (only!!!!) at the start of Indian Bull Run in 2002-03. So it was a gain of a mind boggling 36500% (OMG..OMG..OMG) in a span of 5 years. Even Warren Buffet will be feeling shy at this. But on Friday, Unitech’s stock was  really available at a throw away price. Why? Because even if you liquidate all the current land bank of Unitech, you still get Rs. 171 for each share. And here, each share is available @ Rs. 30 (!!)

It was like people had the option of choosing between a stock of Unitech and 2 packs of potato chips.

unitech_logo.gifNow after this horrifying beating, Unitech gave its investors something to cheer about. It sold 60% of stake in its telecom arm to Norway based Telenor for 6120 crores. This values the telecom firm of Unitech at 10,200 crores. And the price they paid for acquiring the telecom license was 1,651 crores. Now that’s a great investment for a company which neither had any subscribers nor any infrastructure. Again I say that even Warren Buffet would have felt shy at such an investment.

Now government is granting a license for Rs 1,651 crore without an auction. Now, a very simple question that the government needs to answer is that, “Why should we pay our hard earned money in terms of taxes at various levels, when the government can earn that money by careful auctioning of the spectrum?” Government has clearly lost at least 8000 crores in the Unitech deal alone. Or lets take the worst case scenario, then government has atleast lost around 7000 crores or $1.4 billion. Now isn’t it a more prudent thing to get that money from Unitech and Telenor rather than us? Government is actually milking the wrong cow. It is good for Unitech, that after such a massive erosion of its market capitalization, it got a really good deal. But, it should not have been at our expense.TEL_v_pos_3D_100mm

Telenor is no small company and ranks 21 in the recent list released for the top 25 telecom companies and is 54% owned by the Norway government. Telenor has mobile operations in 12 countries with 160 million subscribers. 

This is the second major deal of the new GSM licensees. Earlier, Swan Telecom, which has telecom licenses in 13 circles, sold 45% stake to UAE-based Etisalat for $900 million. 

But, I really don’t think that the government’s decision of not auctioning the licenses and granting them at a throw away prices is justified. Its actually very stupid. 

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24 Things Indians Love : No 20. – Moustaches

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Hair India Cover 2 Though the amount of facial hair on Indian males is on a decline in bigger Metropolitans, you can still find the majority of guys flashing moustaches in most of the Indian cities and villages. In India, if you move about in a market for a while, 70% of the guys you come across will have some or the other kind of facial hair. Let alone men, even the women sometimes consider it too much of a botheration to get their face waxed! So, why do men sport a bush above their upper lips? Do Indian ladies fancy men with moustaches? Is it the ultimate symbol of masculinity? Does it require too much of an effort to shave daily? I leave the answer to this questions to the readers…

The list of “24 things Indians love” continues –

No. 24 – Eating with hands

No. 23 – Mahatma Gandhi

No. 22 – Bargaining

No. 21 – Queues

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Written by Dev

October 25, 2008 at 1:08 pm

24 Things Indians Love : No. 21 – Queues

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QueueNow, in India, nobody can miss a queue. Each & every Indian, in his life, has atleast once been a part of the queue. Indians just love it. And if you want to see the real Indian UNITY IN DIVERSITY, just see a queue of people. You will see every ‘kind’ of Indian. Each and every person will tell you about his ideas of why the queues are bad, how to break a queue and take a quicker route, and stuffs. Wherever you go, whatever you do in India, there will always be a queue, to be a part of.

Now, this queuing up is not a patent of the poor. If you have to get some work done, which is concerned with government, then god help you. Even government wants you to be a part of a queue. There are queues of pending cases in courts, there are queues of people in shops, there are queues of people in banks, there are queues of people to worship in temples and mosques and even queues of people for using public toilets!!

We can very proudly say that if China has The Great Wall of China, then we have The Great Queues of India

The list of “24 things Indians love” continues –

No. 24 – Eating with hands

No. 23 – Mahatma Gandhi

No. 22 – Bargaining

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Written by Dev

October 14, 2008 at 7:58 pm

The Indian Engineering Preamble

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Now this is from my engineering days, and I remember that when we (friends) read this engineering preamble (came as SMS), we customized the original one according to our needs and ‘officially’ pinned this onto our college notice board as our CAREER PREAMBLE!! (Though it was removed by the authorities soon).

It went like this…

= = = = = = = = THE INDIAN ENGINEERING PREAMBLE = = = = = = = =

We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, doing the impossible for the ungrateful, have solemnly resolved to constitute India into a “CROWDED WITH TOO MANY ENGINEERS” Overpopulated Republic, and to snatch as many jobs as possible from the people of US. We have done so much for so long with so little knowledge that we will one day qualify to do anything with knowing nothing.

IN OUR Engineering Convocation Ceremony, this ______  ______ day of _________, 2008, do HEREBY ADOPT, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS DEGREE.


                            Hey you engineers…what say??

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Written by Dev

October 13, 2008 at 1:40 am