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Based on the real life adventures of 5 friends, I present to you, a 7 part – photo documentary titled…




Part One – The Problem



Part Two – Getting closer to the the problem



Part Three – When time began to bluff



Part Four – Dazed



Part Five – Death of hope?



Part Six – The Messiah arrives…



Last Part – Messiah hands the key to civilization…



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December 28, 2010 at 8:02 pm

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A detailed report on How to make Momos. Oops!! …How to ‘watch’ Momos being made :-)

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[Disclaimer : Dev loves to eat; but that does not, in any way whatsoever, means that, he had a role to play in preparation of the Momos.]

Ladies & Gentle-ladies,

You have loved them, and you have hated them. But you can’t ignore them. I am talking about the delicious Tibetan Momos. And I swear, it is indeed an art (or I guess science) to prepare them.

So here is the complete recipe and a step by step guide to you know what 🙂 –



  1. 1Tbsp     – Blessings of Dalai Lama(!)
  2. 5Tbsp     – Blessings of Tibetan Gods of Steamed Food
  3. 1MB        – Google (for recipe)
  4. Rs 500     – Financial stabilty (for purchase of consumable ingredients)
  5. 67 Kg       – A patient guy like Dev
  6. *** Kgs     – Two Friends as cooks (NK & AA)
  7. 10 Mins    – Prayers



Step 1 :

Once you have arranged all the above mentioned ingredients, it is time for step 1. This is the most critical of all steps, because it is here, that we procure our secret recipe. You really need to be careful to find an authentic source for the recipe (for general & primitive information, check here). Once you get hold of one good-enough recipe, you need to either get a print of the same or rub some pen on the paper to note down the recipe, as depicted below –



Step 2 :

As you can see in the picture given below, you need to take flour or something really similar, and add water to it. Then you need to punch it for quite some time (a helpful tip here would be to remember something, like office work), till it attains a form similar to the one shown below. This is known as the Dough 🙂



Step 3 :

Circular shapes, for thousands of years have intrigued scientists and novices alike. A circular shape, neither has a start, nor an end. So,since we need to make circular discs from the dough, you need to find a real pro. And the pro I found was so fast at work, that even my camera had trouble getting a nice stable shot. (Pro=AA here)



Step 4 :

According to a great book ‘Zen & The Art of Momo Stuffing’, you may use the stuffing prepared from vegetables, along with spices etc, to stuff the discs. And once you have put the adequate amount of stuffing, you need to seal them to form dumplings. Now, I would like to share an experience here. Never underestimate the importance of sealing the dumplings. Because if you don’t seal them properly, it would result in a mess, that even great cooks won’t be able to handle.

(Pro=NK here)

Step-4---Fill-the-fillers     Step-5---Seal-the-dumplings


Step 5 :

As you can see, the dumplings have been made. They have been properly sealed with emotions and are ready to be given a hot steam bath.

Step-6---Dumplings-Made    Step-7---Boil-Water


Step 6 :

Before placing the dumplings on the tray with depressions, you need to oil the depressions. This is done (I guess) to prevent the dumplings getting stuck. So, once you have oiled the tray, slowly and with great care, place the dumplings onto it and cover the lid. After that, allow the dumplings to have their share of steam bath for around 10 minutes. Beware though : Some dumplings might decide that 10 minutes is a much longer time than they can comfortably handle. So you need to be careful. This is where the above mentioned 2 Pro friend’s experience came into play.

Step-8---Oil-the-vessel    Step-9---Put-dumplings-in-S   Step-10---Steaming-the-hell


Step 7 :

After the stipulated 10 minutes, you can open the lid and if your prayers (check ingredient list) have been answered, you will witness something like this.



Step 8 :

Nothing happens without the blessing of the powers above. So thank the Tibetan Gods of Steamed Food and serve the Momos with hot red sauce and juices (if you have more time to waste, you can read my earlier Juicy Adventures)



[Credits for preparation of Momos : NK, AA]

[Credits for consumption of Momos : Dev] 🙂

Written by Dev

January 17, 2010 at 5:24 pm

2 friends and 3 questions

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This post is about two of my close friends. [Disclosure: Both are awesome & both have a bright future. And, I myself look upto them for advice.]

Here I have decided to do a sort of personality post mortem. I am listing 5 of their traits which can be compared. But due to obvious reasons, I shall not disclose their identities. And to those, who eventually do realise who these guys are, it is my humble request to kindly refrain from making any disclosures. 🙂

If I say that I have never been judgemental about both of them, then that would be wrong. I have been.  But that is irrelevant. All I want from the readers is to think. To compare and if possible, give their views.

So why do I want to do this? It’s because, I want to know what others feel about these 2 guys. I know a lot about both of them and sometimes try to analyse where both of them are heading. It’s because of this that I have an urge to know what others feel about them. Or you can say that I want to test a new concept called crowd intelligence. 😉

So let’s get to the point.

Let’s call my first friend as F1.

  • Believes that he can do anything in life, if he wants. But does not ‘usually’ put in the required effort. But when he does, it’s magical.
  • Believes in proper planning & preparation. But when it comes to the execution part, his interest or motivation starts going down.
  • Has a good enough job, which he wants to be his last. Wants to start something of his own. But there are also times when he wants to join his dream company; which contradicts his vision of starting his own venture.
  • Wants to do many things at a time. This sometimes leads to him doing nothing. But when he does something, it is really class apart.
  • Is ready to go to any length to nurture a relationship, even if it is not being reciprocated from the other side. This sometimes leads to, you know what…pain.
  • Passionate, different, unsatisfied & questioning [Words that are apt for F1]

Now here is my second friend F2.

  • Believes that one can’t get everything in life. So, does not think king size. But he knows what to do in his limited capabilities.
  • Knows the power of planning and preparation. But believes that its better to get into action straightaway and then change the plan as per existing circumstances. Is not a firm believer of the concept of detailed planning.
  • Has a good enough job, which he wants to be his last. No, he does not want to start any company. He just wants to retire from his present organization when he reaches 60.
  • Focuses on one thing at a time and completes it before touching anything else. Does not believe in doing things ‘awesome’ly. Just wants to complete things.
  • Is not ready to put much effort into relationships. Believes that relationships grow as they ought to grow and are eventually decided by destiny (God).
  • Result oriented, protocolish, satisfied & abiding [Words that are apt for F2]


In the end, I have 3 questions to ask –

  1. Is it better to be like my friend F1 or F2 and why?
  2. Who is more likely to go higher in life? Assuming lady luck is equally favourable to both of them.
  3. Why am I playing the God here? 😉 [OK, no need to answer this one]