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What a lizard taught me about letting it go

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I hate lizards (called liz henceforth). No questions about that.

A lizard in my house got hold of a huge insect. Looking at size of the insect, it was difficult to understand how the liz would swallow it. But it seems liz’s body is governed by unearthly elasticity parameters.

Stationed near a window, liz was enjoying the insect. This window had glass blinds tilted at an angle which did not allow anything to pass through them. But there existed a crevice near top right corner of the window, which allowed objects no broader than a liz to pass through it.

Out of nowhere, liz got this divine enlightenment that I was a threat to her life and decided to run away from me. She decided to take the small-crevice-highway to get out of my view. But problem was that it was still holding the monstrous insect in her mouth and was not able to enter the crack. Either she would have to give up the insect (pleasures of life) and stay alive or stay with the insect and face my wrath!

Assuming I was a threat to her life, liz had to decide whether to stay in the party [have insect(ful) delicacy] or run for her life without any tasty baggages.

What liz did further is irrelevant. But it did teach me a lesson.

Sometimes, you might be having the time of your life. But external uncontrollable elements may force you to give up everything and be decisive about your actions.

It is like saying that you should be ready to leave a party when you don’t want to.

What are your views?


Written by Dev

November 20, 2011 at 2:26 am

Jobs No More

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Jobs No More – iRecession is here


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October 6, 2011 at 11:53 am

I have died a bit

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A part of me has died. My friend died recently in a road accident, in which a bus from Infosys was involved and 5 employees of the company died.

In life, there comes a time when the events happening around us, just don’t leave us shattered. They fracture our very soul.

But I also believed that, there are things that are just not supposed to happen. I could have never imagined that he is going to leave us all so soon. I still am not able to believe that I won’t be talking to him ever again.

When I got a call about this sad news from a friend, saying that my friend was in an accident and didn’t make it through it, I was, for a lack of better word, destroyed. I was in my office and I literally broke down and did not know what had just hit my life. How could it ever happen?? I just had a talk with him 2 days back and we had even decided to meet in Delhi. How the hell could this happen? I was really not able to control myself. I took a leave and went back home. I just did not know what to do. Just consider this: one minute, I have a friend, without talking to whom, my life doesn’t seem to be complete. Another moment he is not there. He is nowhere around. He has just become a memory. And when I think about his family, I get shivers. A happy family of four is reduced to a family of three. The entire trajectory of life has changed. Everything I knew to be true no longer holds. God, without even consulting us, has taken a decision that has rudely jolted us from a happy life into a terrifyingly sad one.

He was one person who had an enormous effect on me. I feel afraid to imagine my life without him. In college life too, he was the one, who was always the first person to come to our rescue. But just after the accident, there was literally no one to rescue him. Makes me feel that it is no use being good. Why should someone help others when even God can betray you? And whosoever said that ‘Jo hota hai achche ke liye hota hai’, was not right.

Death ends life. But it can’t end a relationship. Rachit, now you are not there. But our relationship will continue as long as I am alive. And I promise you, that I will continue to live in the way you wanted me to. Where ever you are, I know you must be at peace. I know, that you will always remain my guiding force.

Written by Dev

June 5, 2009 at 10:53 am

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