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7 Lessons from Justin Timberlake

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Being forced into watching In Time, a sci-fi starring Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried, I got more than what I paid to multiplex guys [Details later]. In Time is set in middle of 22nd century where humans are genetically modified to stop ageing beyond 25 years. From the 25th birthday onwards, everyone has one year to live, which slowly ticks away on a neon-green LED embedded in their left arm. Also, time is equivalent of currency – you can buy a cup of coffee for Four minutes and a night’s stay in a hotel suite for Three months. So more time you have, richer you are. But, if time on your arm runs out, you get a kick (different from the one in Inception) and you are ‘timed out’ forever.

Time is everything.

After Inception, it is the first sci-fi that has managed to give me some philosophical kicks. Movie is full of acid dripping painful truths. I share a few –

Lesson #1: Time is the real currency.

Lesson #2: If you waste time, time will waste you.

Lesson #3: Since we are not immortals, everyday is a gift for you. Treat and live it like it is the last day of your life.

Lesson #4: Everyone is after your time. After all it is what they all survive/feed on. You just need to love yourself and protect your loved ones from those who are out there trying to steal time.

Lesson #5: You can find allies and comrades in strangest of places. So be on the lookout.

Lesson #6: Most people live their lives without knowing what they want. Don’t be one of them.

Lesson #7: You should be ready to take the jump (risk). And as they say, ships are safest at harbors but that is not what they were built for.

After showering you all with life lessons from someone like Justin Timberlake 😉 , here is what I got as a bonus of watching the movie.

Watched the movie from a seat next to the gorgeous lady who drove a F1 carGul Panag!

Lucky Me 🙂


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November 7, 2011 at 4:15 pm

24 Things Indians Love : No. 23 – Mahatma Gandhi

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Father of the Nation (India), Mahatma Gandhi died in 1948, but he is still the most popular person who can be found everywhere in an average Indian’s life.

Most significant presence of ‘Bapu’ is felt when you deal with Indian currency.

Indian Currency

Most of them have his pictures and watermarks.

And that’s not all. All the major cities of India have a street named M.G. Road. M.G. Road? Mahatma Gandhi Road…. 🙂 

mg road

And wait, M.G. Road is just not present in India alone. Many countries have paid their homage to Mahatma Gandhi by having streets named after him. Below one is the one in Durban, South Africa. And he is omnipresent as statues, all over the parks of India. Recently, India caught the craze of ‘Gandhigiri’ – Living the everyday life and managing things like Mahatma Gandhi.

I would like to add here that Indian government should start printing currency notes with pictures of other great Indians too. It will bring a much needed variety to Indian currency as well as allow other great Indians to be remembered for a longer time by the newer generations.

The list of 24 things Indians love continues –

No. 24 – Eating with hands

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