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When two guys stumbled onto India’s Last Railway Station

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Two guys. Both working in the same office, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Rajasthan. One was married, had kids & was looking for ways to get away from his responsibilities (temporarily). Other was unmarried, pissed off with monotony of routine office work & was looking for ways to get married (permanently).

What was the best thing which they could do apart from shooting their boss??

At 11am, they decide to do something silly. They take a print of Rajasthan’s map. Ask a ‘blindfolded’ office boy to randomly put his finger on the map. The boy points to a place know for its oilfields – Barmer. Stunned… both of give each other a horrified look.

Journey's Starting & Ending Points

Journey’s Starting & Ending Points

“Barmer!! What are we going to do there???”

“We are not doing anything here either…”

“Yeah yeah…”

At 1:30 pm, they take a half day from office. The married guy calls up his wife to tell that he is leaving on a field visit for 2 days. The unmarried guy has nobody to call to… 😉

So, both of them, drive their little blue monster for 350+ Kms to reach Barmer.

The Blue Monster

The Blue Monster

On checking in a hotel and enquiring about places to visit in Barmer, the response which they got was not a good one. To their utter horror, the receptionist told that Barmer was no tourist destination and there was nothing to see here. With poor communication, it was tough to google out places nearby. At this point, a close friend of the unmarried guy telephones him that they are very close to Indo-Pak border. With nothing better to do, they decided to drive 150kms towards the border. With almost no mobile signals, they just had:

  1. A list of villages enroute to the border
  2. Road map of Rajasthan
  3. Useless smart phone(s)
  4. The Blue Monster
The Tools

The Tools

The next morning, receptionist was all laughing when they told him that they were headed for border.

“Nobody goes there. There is nothing there. This is not like Wagah border with all the ceremonies happening. Last year, a young guy (on bike) like you both was found dead enroute to the place. Its 150 kms of pure desert with temperatures in between 50-60 degrees.”

But guys won’t listen. And already pissed off with their bosses, why the hell would they listen to anyone else either??

So they drove.  Keeping faith in the blue monster to take them to their destination, they kept driving and driving, ticking off one village after the other on their list…

Running through the checkpoints...

Running through the checkpoints…

Monster Vs Desert

Monster Vs Desert

Coincidentally, they had a room thermometer with them. And what it showed was astonishing.

Burning the tarmac @ 55+ degree Celcius

Burning the tarmac @ 55+ degree Celcius

The temperatures reached way beyond 55 degrees Celsius!! In this extreme heat, the only ‘constant’ touch which they had with civilization was a railway track, which led to Pakistan.

Metallic Connection between the 2 countries

Metallic Connection between the 2 countries

“What?? A track to Pakistan? Are you kidding us? Only buses ply between India & Pakistan!!”, said the married guy.

“& bullets, missiles…” added the unmarried one.

“No Sahib. Munabao is India’s last station on India-Pakistan border. But tracks continue well into Pakistan. Upto Karachi. There is train named Thar Express which goes there. ”, said a small tea stall owner in one of the villages named Gagariya.

Now that was one hell of a discovery for both the guys. With the trip going almost nowhere, they were now heading for a place in India, which almost no-one knew off & which was of such importance to those who knew about it.

Last Railway Station of India. Oh My God!!

They drove and drove. Eventually they made it to the Indo-Pak border. Unluckily, Border Security Forces did not ‘officially’ allow photography. But, as usual, there were alternatives… 😉

Train To Karachi, Pakistan

Train To Karachi, Pakistan

The Station on the other side (Pakistan)

The Station on the other side (Pakistan)

And finally, the picture that said it all… the picture that made them feel that they had achieved something. Something which most Indians would never be able to.

The Proof - An Adventurer's Nirvana

The Proof – An Adventurer’s Nirvana


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