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Reading bug was bitten by me and I was poisonous that day…

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There was a time, when in middle of somewhere (or anywhere), a simple question to an unassuming acquaintance of mine –

 “What is Dev doing?”

would have resulted in a simple answer – “Must be reading, what else?”

That was about a year back.

The scene has completely changed and as of today, I struggle to finish even a single book! At times I end up starting with 2 or 3 books within days of each other and eventually, am unable to finish even one of them! Though I can give quite valid and apt justification(s) for this evil deed of neglecting my unread books, I would avoid doing so.

Sometimes, justifications lead to repetition of deeds for which the justification is being given.

Seems like the reading bug has been bitten by me and I was poisonous that day…

Said No to Reading

Said No to Reading

Ironically, I did a post in mid 2009 stating that I was caught in a permanent state of Reading Flu! 😦


Written by Dev

June 12, 2011 at 3:43 pm