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If years were words…

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If years were mere words, then which ones, would aptly describe the main event or essence of all the past 26 years of my life?

An effort –

1985- At 12.5 pounds, I was one of the heaviest non-meteors to have hit this planet

1986- [Blurred Memory]

1987- The pain of getting my little finger sewn by a sewing machine!

1988- Joining the assembly line popularly known as school

1989- [Blurred Memory]

1990- [Blurred Memory]

1991- Living alone for the first time

1992- Witnessing the first death

1993- Got recognized for my ‘beautiful’ writing [I still don’t agree]

1994- Realizing that even I could be a non-bad-student

1995- Most probably, I saw a ghost!

1996- That Blue-Yellow Sweden Cap

1997- It took me 12 years and 500 kilometers to see a mountain for the first time

1998- New friends and new (dirtier) outlooks 😉

1999- Shortening and renaming the most recognizable thing

2000- Crowning glory to a very close friendship

2001- First tryst with glory and joy of failures

2002- Saved from the jaws of death

2003- Unexpected glory (or wtf)

2004- Where to go and what the hell to do?

2005- Over-optimism combined with ego is poisonous

2006- Climbing Mt. Pessimism and staying there for almost an year

2007- Sister’s marriage & joys of ranking everything

2008- Transition from nothingness to wilderness to substantial-ness

2009- Year long paid vacation covering more than 28,000 Kms

2010- Finding the meaning of a few abstract things

2011- The abruptness of change was like a life-quake


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May 19, 2011 at 11:25 pm

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Have updated the list – Things To Do Before I Die

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May 11, 2011 at 1:16 am

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