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The Mystical Art of Record Keeping (in office)

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If I were to ask you about the toughest part of your job, then I am pretty much sure, that ‘record-keeping’ would rank in the top three.

So how to tackle this demon?

The picture given below, speaks a thousand words (but if you can’t hear from the picture, just read the next 175 words)

Record-Breaking Record-Keeping
  • Though as primitive as offices themselves, stacking files, one on top of another, is still the best way to manage your files. This is LIFO (Last In First Out) at its best (read more on LIFO here). The more recent documents get your attention first. This is assuming that the top of stack is below your eye level.
  • The height of stack, is symbolic and directly proportional to the amount of work, people think you have. (notice the underlined text)
  • Prevents boredom. The older files ‘magically’ move towards the bottom of the heap (read: stack).
  • If there is an urgent need of some information or a file, you don’t need to physically move from one room to other. Nor you need to double click all those hierarchical folders in you computers. Just pull the file you need! Which, almost always, will be within the ‘reach of your hand’.
  • Nobody can tamper with your data. Everything is (always) in front of your eyes.

PS – Source of the picture above, is unknown.


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February 17, 2011 at 8:57 pm

Life – The Rear View

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It so happened that due to some official commitments of my colleagues, the car pool which I am a part off (for office commute), got disintegrated for a day. So, I decided to piggyback an official vehicle on my way to home. Since the car was taking senior mgmt officials, I ended up sitting in non-ergonomically designed back seats of the SUV. The reason for me on back seat, and seniors on front was obvious – the protocols. 😦

The above images, taken from my camera-phone reminded me of a fine quote by Warren Buffet–

“The rear (view) mirror is always clearer than the windshield.

And at that moment, this quote seemed pretty much in line with what I have felt all these years. It is easier to remember & analyse the past & question our decisions/motives. When you look back at your life, you realize a lot of things. On nearing my 26th year of existence, I share a few here –

  1. One should never be afraid of doing something good. Just take the plunge. Things will fall into place.
  2. Our choices define our characters.
  3. If I was to ask you about the most memorable events of your life, you would never reply with something like “the-presentation-that-I-gave” or “a-project-which-I-completed-before-deadline” type of a reply. Life is much simpler and non-official. The memories of strange, different and odd things we do, are the only thing we cherish for long times. (My memorable ones are – One, Two, Three & Four).
  4. It is tough to give up something you love. But this actually helps in making you realise its importance. So if you get it back later on, you would know of its importance. Some years back I was ‘devilish’ non-vegetarian. My severed liver can testify the same. 😉 Then I gave it up. And after being a vegetarian for more than a year, I again turned into a non-vegetarian. I now know the importance of all the animals 😉 & all I can say is – Hail Tundey!
  5. You should always know exactly what you want from life. By this I don’t mean the long term goals of your life. I mean the small things. Things, which, if not achieved, will make you a sad & unsatisfied person on your deathbed.
  6. Relationships are investments. And vice versa is also true.
  7. No matter what…neither you are… nor you were born to be…a doormat.
  8. There are always alternatives. (This thought was bored deep into me during my induction program in the current job – and I realise it each and every day of my working & personal life)
  9. If everything is under control, there is a serious chance that you are too slow.
  10. Compounding is still the most magical thing in this material world.
  11. Being evil is bad. But not always. 😉
  12. Vulnerability can be rewarding at times 😉
  13. If you are forgetful, then don’t worry. It’s a blessing in disguise.
  14. To get what you never had before, you actually need to do something which you have never done before.
  15. Everyone has a weakness and a stake in darkness.

I guess that the 15th point above, will make me look like a devil. If so, then be it 😉

Though I had planned to write 26 realizations, I couldn’t make it any further. You can read a few older realizations here. A few might have been repeated. The reason might be that the realizations are tough to come by. And when they do, they just keep on repeating themselves. 🙂

I am sorry for so many links in this post (On second thoughts, I am not so sorry) 😉

Btw, I forgot to tell you all. I have started a new blog on equities at –

You all are welcome there.

Written by Dev

February 14, 2011 at 11:41 pm