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Redundancy of Imagining Brilliance

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I have this stupid habit of using the word ‘redundant’ a lot. “That’s redundant.” “This is redundant.” “Remove the redundancies out of this.” At times, it makes my sentences sound a little redundant ;-). But believe me, the word is a powerful one.

[Redundant : The meaning]

It is easier to find redundancies around us. But tougher to find those within. Reality is, that if we are sane enough to conduct a self-audit, we will realize that, there so many redundancies in our actions & most importantly, our thinking. Take for example, the act of imagining brilliance. How far does this act take a person to the stated goal? Does the act of just imagining, enough to take somebody to brilliance? No!! Not at all. I can remember a scene from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, where the character of Hank Rearden (owner of a huge industry) shows an equipment to his brother and tells him that, there was a time, when he wanted that equipment very badly. But it wasn’t his ‘want’ that gave him that equipment. Though he was brilliant enough to think about it, it wasn’t just the act of imagining, that gave him the desired result. He actually took actions to covert his want into something real.

[End of Post : Abruptly though.]

PS – This post has the word ‘redundant’ used 10 times in different forms. Add one more for the one in title.

PS [Again!] – This post is a redundant-out-of-the-stupid-blue, types.


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September 26, 2010 at 8:42 pm

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