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Realizations (Ver. 25.0 Build 0.50)

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  • If everything is under control then there is a serious possibility that I might be too slow.
  • To make a dish worth eating, planning and preparation are two necessary ingredients. But they work best when they have a bit of INGREDIENT X (Read : Blessings from Powers Above) added to them. And don’t forget to add a lot of boiling ‘execution’ to it.
  • Mis-understandings can be terrible. And at times, you just can’t marry them off to sense!
  • Its always about investments. No matter what. No matter where.
  • When things start getting out of hand, its time to get a new set of things or a new pair of hands J
  • Being legendary is not tough. You just need to be consistently awesome.
  • Mathematically, we are a function of our happiness and our happiness is a function of ourselves!! Solving (without assumptions) can be tough.
  • Its not that bad to take chances. Those who took were the only ones who reached somewhere worth discussing.
  • Compound Interest is still the most powerful financial formula available.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words. But some words show thousand pictures!


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August 9, 2010 at 11:10 pm

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