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Pain of winning

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My Sundays are usually reserved for friends and playing games. So yesterday, when I happened to cut my middle finger(!) with a knife (trying to open a packet of milk to prepare some coffee), I felt that I had trashed my Sunday. As I would not be able to play computer games. Though the cut wasn’t terribly bad, but being deep enough, it was paining like hell.

Now we all know that middle finger has a glorious past. J

But for me, its use has been limited to playing racing games. Those familiar with NFS series will know about the fast and calculated use of fingers. I use the middle one of my left hand to get Nitrous Boosts (using the ALT key on the left side) from time to time. And using it is one hell of an important part of playing the game. So what should have I done? Even if I had bandaged it, my entire gaming experience would have become corrupted. So I decided that I shall dump doing my coffee and just like the hero from 300, would sacrifice myself in an effort to score a famous victory in the game.

I started playing with a damaged middle finger.


The main issue was that whenever I tried to use Nitrous to get ahead of my rivals, the blood would start oozing out of my finger. And I could literally feel the pain in my head. And it seemed that the entire stretch of the nerve joining my middle finger to my head was showing middle fingers to me. I felt like showing the middle-finger to everyone. I realized what it is to feel the maximum pain (remember Max Payne!! I wonder why games are so painful.)

So I continued playing and finally after loosing 3 times in a row and wasting a lot my blood, I finally did manage to win it. Win the race of supremecy.


Here it goes again, now I am sorry that I cannot continue writing more, as my finger is again trying to persuade me to stop my immoral endeavour of boring the hell out of the readers (if there are any left by now 😉 ).

This is what is known as the pain of victory, or should it be the victory of pain?


R&D on R&D (Relationships & Disappointments) – A guest post

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Here I am writing a post for Dev. It is an honour I must say, writing the 100th post. Thanks Dev. I am clueless as to what I’m going to write and I’m sure most of you following the blog would find it monotonous and wonder where he is? But please bear with me, because if I don’t write this, I might disappoint my dearest childhood buddy.

Talking of relationships and disappointments attached to them, most of us feel sad and demented when one of the closest person to us leaves us or drifts away. There is nothing wrong with it and rather, it is quite an obvious feeling. But it’s my feeling that every relationship teaches us something. Something good. No matter how badly it ended. Everyone comes in our life for a reason. They are there with us when we need them the most in our life.

Maybe to share our feelings because we were lonely, to cheer us up or boost up our spirits when we did not believe in ourselves and to lend us a shoulder when we were down and needed a friend. But the mistake we make is that, we want to hold them for life. This is the point when things start to deteriorate. This is indeed the point, when relationships move from ‘not-expecting-anything-in-return’ state to the ones where both sides of the relationships sound like, ‘I-expect-something-from-you’.

People come and go but what remains are the memories that will last with us forever. It’s my personal belief that there is no point in regretting anything in life. It’s always good to listen to everyone, but when the time comes to take the decision, its best to take your own decisions and if something goes wrong then we shall have only ourselves to blame, instead of those who were ‘supposedly’ expected to be influential in our decision making. 

Shifting the focus to the darker and troubled side of relationships – read broken ones, we should look back and smile. Yes. We should smile. It’s because that was the best time, we could have spent with that person at that point in our life. With every bad relationship that ended on a sour note, we should be observant enough to recognise the hidden lesson for the future. And once we are able to understand that, we can be sure that we are not all that vulnerable as we used to be. We can judge people by their behaviour and decide whom to associate with and whom to stay away from. And one of the biggest realisations, that comes out from evolving with the relationships is that, we realise that we should not care for what people say about us. It’s because I believe in living life for myself and for people close to me and not for the society that “supposedly” I should be serving.

Experiences when passed through prisms of life manifest themselves in various human emotions, which are essential to make our personal rainbows colourful and I feel that I am blessed, that God has provided me diverse situations, which have enriched my life. Now I have the power as well as wisdom to appreciate life with all its pitfalls.

Neha K.

Cult of the Office

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There is a dark cult.  A very secret yet widely known one 😉


Dark Cult


It is the cult of the office. And believe me, all of us who are working, are a part of the brother hood of this cult.

Below mentioned are some of the observations made by me since I joined this cult –


Never fight over an issue with your boss. You will lose much more than the issue.

Worst thing to receive in your mail is Please Do the Needful. No matter how important things you are doing, if a CC has been sent to someone higher than your boss, then you will have it. Just imagine getting Please Do Then Needful, first thing on Monday morning. 😉

If you try to be a hero by doing everything, you will officially have to do everything.

No matter how much you like what you do. You would always love your Saturdays (Or Fridays for those of you who are luckier).

Never be too honest. Straight trees are cut first. You must not lie. But you must understand when and where you should compartmentalize the information you have.

If you really want to do something, you need to have intentions for the same. Intentions really do shape the reality. And this approach goes much beyond the office life too.

In Sarkaar Raaj, Abhishek Bachchan did say some really smart dialogues like –  

“Mujhe Koshish Nahi, Nateeje Chahiye.”

“Yahaan galti pehli nahi, aakhiri baar hoti hai.”

Boy….he does talk like our boss…isn’t it?


No matter, who you are. No matter, where you are. & no matter what your job is – one day, you will, feel really fu**** up.

You should never discuss a raise until you’ve had your review. Never. Or you will definitely end up getting a bad review.

When there is a large assignment to be handled by your department and your boss tells you that “We are going to handle this”; then beware…it is you who is going to handle it.

“You have done a great job” – whenever you hear this…more work is about to come your way…run!!

When your boss says that “Let’s call a meeting and discuss” means “I have no time now and shall force my decisions on you later.”

Now one thing is really very important. A lot depends on your reputation. And you should really guard it with everything. Your reputation is everything. People have expectations in accordance with the reputation you have. So if you want to survive and move up the ladder, never associate with a losing cause and build yourself a solid reputation.

To show your power, you should try and make other people come to you and whenever you take some decisions, try to take them on your territory. This is one of the most commonly used tactics of people who know how to display their power.

There are times when you are not at your workplace. You should try to use this absence to increase your respect and honor. How to do this? …try being a bit evil 😉

Never appear too perfect. Or people will try their level best to make you appear less perfect.

Make your victims feel smarter than you are. Keep building pressure on them and simultaneously show them a way out. That ways you will act like a shepherd and still get things done. [I seem to be turning into a devil]

Think as you like, behave as others like.

[Disclaimer : Please understand, that this post in no way, reflects the way I operate at my workplace. I am seriously not a person like my post make me seem. But these are some of the very practical real life lessons, which I have learnt while working with a variety of people at my workplace.]

Written by Dev

July 7, 2009 at 11:59 am