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Things I wish I could stop doing a bit

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I was actually planning to write a post titled Things I wish I could start doing. But then I realized that, I have already, done a similar list of things I wish to do. Also, under normal circumstances, we all wish to do a lot of things which we haven’t done. It can be anything. Anything as simple as eating something delicious and long not eaten or extreme stuffs like sky diving. But more importantly, there are certain things, that should not be done on a regular basis. These are the things that have actually become a part of our routine existence and are difficult to break away from. We all are different, so we can have a different list of things to avoid doing. I start here with mine.


Now, this is not unique. Almost all of us have this problem. But what matters to me is that, this is a part of me. Although, I don’t procrastinate big time; I do it enough to annoy myself.  I have tried a lot and I must say that I won’t be boasting if I was to say that I have been successful in reducing this horrible habit of mine to a great extent.


Hero Worship

There are 2 people in this world, who are like God to me. I use God here for the lack of a more apt word. I very diligently try to follow these people, in every way I can. One of them is Howard Roark. A man as a man should be. I swear that after reading Fountainhead, I have changed. Roark, although a fictional character has an impact on me, that even the real life characters could not have on me. I started reading Fountainhead during a long train journey when I was 19 years old. And I won’t be wrong, if I say that, It took me 19 years and a long train journey to find myself. (Remember Lakshya’s tagline J ). The other person is a real person. He is not a character from the books but he is now definitely a part of the folklore. I am talking about Warren Buffet. You should make a note here that I am not a follower of this man because of his money making capabilities or for his knack of being right almost everytime. I worship this person because of his simplicity. For his uncomplex and water like uncomplicated life. So what is wrong with worshipping heroes? Nothing I would say. But only as long as you don’t forget what you yourself are. There is really no point in trying to do each and everything as the person you admire. I remember that when I first finished reading Fountainhead, I tried to assume that I was the real life version of Roark and actually used to make genuine efforts to take decisions in ways that Mr. Roark would have taken in his ‘objectivism’ ways.


Declining Enthusiasm

Following graph is an apt representation of my enthusiasm levels from start till the end of a project. Now, a project can be anything – a relationship, some office work, some assignments, some new and innovative ideas, or just about anything.

Things I wish I could stop doing Img 1 Enthu 

As you can see in the graph, just after an idea is born at t=0, the enthusiasm shoots above 100%. But after that, it slowly starts to fizzle out and then abruptly comes to a negligible percentage during the half way mark. And then again the downtrend continues just as if some Universal Law of Declining Intent is making it happen. Ill effects of declining enthusiasm are, I suppose, universally known.


Being too frank

The mere fact that I am writing a post of this nature tells you how frank I am.


Reading too much

Librarian. That would have been a perfect job for me. 😉 I just love reading. There are times when I can read 3-4 books simultaneously! There are times, when if I can’t find some good reading material, I start feeling uneasy. This is not a comfortable habit to have. I agree that reading is a good habit. But excess of anything is bad. I can very well utilize my reading time in something more (or rather less) brain taxing. But no. My habit of reading on and on, will never allow me to do so. When I was a kid, I used to make beautiful drawings and sketches. But then one day, I don’t know from where, just like swine flu, I caught Reading Flu. And under current circumstances, it seems incurable.


Taking Risks

I have a habit of taking risks. Some of these are huge ones and some are not. I have taken a lot of life threatening risks too. Some which I have already shared on my blog. I won’t say that what I do is wrong. After all, life is about doing the things that are interesting and difficult. And to do difficult things, we need to take risks.

So, these were some of the things that I wish I could top doing a bit. I won’t say completely, because then I won’t have much to make life exciting.  😉

How can I not read?

Why shouldn’t I take risks?

Why shouldn’t I look at my heroes with awe?

Why shouldn’t I be as I am and be frank?

Isn’t it. 😉


My journey to nowhere & the story of how your spit can save your life

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All the above pictures are a snapshot of where I was and all were taken with an ancient mobile phone’s camera and each one of them is 90 degrees apart. All the pictures give a 360 degree view of where I was.

First of all, let me put some facts on the table.

I was not air dropped for the shooting of India’s very own version of Man Vs Wild.

I was there for some official purpose (Read There as barren, water & life starved wasteland!!). You must be thinking that there is, in fact, no office to be seen in the vicinity (in all the pictures), so how does the question of something official pops up? Being in the energy sector, my organization regularly sends officers for patrolling purposes in remote areas. And this was the very reason for me being where I was. And just to gain some more points portraying myself as someone heroic, I would like to tell you, that I was 15 Kms away from the nearest road / highway & 8 Kms away from nearest living thing (Don’t count trees here). J

With a cap on my head, a cloth to cover my face, full sleeved shirt and jeans on, safety shoes in legs and a water bottle and some documents, I was ready to start my journey. Here I need to mention the time of starting my journey. The time was 11 am. I am emphasizing on time because it is going to play major role later on. Temperature, I am not sure, but it must have been in late 40s!! 😉 …just imagine!

So, what I had to do was to cover my stretch of 6 Kms and meet other officers at a predecided location, around 7 Kms from my starting point.

And please do make a note of the fact that I had to walk it all!! No vehicles or any other means of transport. Just my 2 legs. Reason – Rubber tires would be useless in such a rocky, barren land full of cactus and the other creepy stuffs.

I had to follow certain markers or sort of milestones in the area. Now each of these was around 250 meters apart. To cut the long story short, I completed the first 1.5 Kms with ease. I was actually having fun. And it must have been because I have always been game for testing my limits and doing interesting and sometimes silly things. But all was not fine. At the place, where I should have found a marker of 1.75 Kms, there was nothing. I thought that may be it must have been stolen away or been buried under the soil. I kept moving. Now came the point, where I should have found the 2 Km marker. Again it was absent. At this point I started feeling the heat. And I am sure that temperature at that point must have gone to around 50!! And just to make the matters worse, I decided to take snaps of the barren wastelands I was in. And in doing so, I moved around a bit. I turned back and took snaps; then again some on the left and right and so on.

The result was that I completely lost my sense of direction I came from, with no markers in any direction, I was in a state of shock!! Though I knew that I was mere 5 Kms away from my colleagues, what I did not know was the right direction. And unluckily, there were no telecommunication signals. I could no longer make any calls. And that is not all. At 12 in the noon, even my shadow ditched me. I couldn’t even get the sense of direction using my shadow as a compass.

With no mobile signals, extreme heat, without directions and with a ditching shadow, I was really at the mercy of the nature. I could really feel what Power of Nature exactly meant.

Now one of the greatest questions that I have ever faced had to be answered then and there.

In which direction should I head?

At that point I remembered something. Just before reaching the very spot I was stranded on, I had spitted some water while drinking. That was the only mark I could have found. It was indeed my last hope of finding the direction from which I came from. But I had to find that spitted water fast. Or the heat would have evaporated it. So I put a mark at the point at which I was standing and with a radius of about 20 meters, I searched the entire area of the resultant circle. And with god’s grace, I found it. I found my spit. I had never imagined that, one day I will be so happy to see my spit. I had never known that, my spit; my very own spit will save me one day.

Having got my sense of direction, I started moving ahead. And finally after walking for about 300-400 meters, I found the marker. I was finally on the right track.

Lesson for life : Anything. Absolutely anything can save your life one day. Even your spit.

Though I was on right path, I still had to walk around 3 more kilometers. Only thing that was missing from my ‘hot’ adventure was dehydration. And that was the very thing that started catching me wrong footed. I just had half a liter of water left with me for the next 3 kilometers. But I had no option, I couldn’t stop and relax as there were no trees in the wasteland to relax under. If I drank all the available water, I might dehydrate even before reaching the end of my journey. I had to keep walking. And that was the very thing that I kept doing.

I could literally feel my blood boiling. I even came across a small wet pond of sorts. But couldn’t even have drop of water from there because a dead animal’s body was lying in that water patch, smelling like hell.

Time went on and I walked on. And finally, after some time and a few bruises, I did make it to the end. Met my colleagues there, who themselves had quite a torrid time in the field. So, finally, I had survived. I never knew that a walk of 6 odd kilometers could be such an effort.

But this official trip of mine did teach me a lot of things –

Nature is supremely powerful. If it doesn’t want, we can never win from it.

Keep a compass, if you plan getting lost around noon time, in the middle of nowhere.

Anything. Absolutely anything can save your life one day. Even your spit. 😉

Becoming friend of a bird

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Being befriended by a bird

After not thinking about it so much, I have finally decided to work for Twitter. No, I am not joining the company. I am just increasing their user count by 1. 😉

When Twitter started making news, I just thought it to be another Waste Your Time type of stuff. I won’t judge it now. I have just started using it. Let’s see how it works out.

So if you have nothing much to do, you can have a glance at my tweets here. Or better, save your clicks and become a follower. 🙂


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I have died a bit

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A part of me has died. My friend died recently in a road accident, in which a bus from Infosys was involved and 5 employees of the company died.

In life, there comes a time when the events happening around us, just don’t leave us shattered. They fracture our very soul.

But I also believed that, there are things that are just not supposed to happen. I could have never imagined that he is going to leave us all so soon. I still am not able to believe that I won’t be talking to him ever again.

When I got a call about this sad news from a friend, saying that my friend was in an accident and didn’t make it through it, I was, for a lack of better word, destroyed. I was in my office and I literally broke down and did not know what had just hit my life. How could it ever happen?? I just had a talk with him 2 days back and we had even decided to meet in Delhi. How the hell could this happen? I was really not able to control myself. I took a leave and went back home. I just did not know what to do. Just consider this: one minute, I have a friend, without talking to whom, my life doesn’t seem to be complete. Another moment he is not there. He is nowhere around. He has just become a memory. And when I think about his family, I get shivers. A happy family of four is reduced to a family of three. The entire trajectory of life has changed. Everything I knew to be true no longer holds. God, without even consulting us, has taken a decision that has rudely jolted us from a happy life into a terrifyingly sad one.

He was one person who had an enormous effect on me. I feel afraid to imagine my life without him. In college life too, he was the one, who was always the first person to come to our rescue. But just after the accident, there was literally no one to rescue him. Makes me feel that it is no use being good. Why should someone help others when even God can betray you? And whosoever said that ‘Jo hota hai achche ke liye hota hai’, was not right.

Death ends life. But it can’t end a relationship. Rachit, now you are not there. But our relationship will continue as long as I am alive. And I promise you, that I will continue to live in the way you wanted me to. Where ever you are, I know you must be at peace. I know, that you will always remain my guiding force.

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June 5, 2009 at 10:53 am

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