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Bastard whose ‘surname’ I don’t know. First one can be any other abuse you plan hurling at him

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One of my colleagues is from the state of Bihar (This post is not about him). He just came back from his home there, and was narrating an incident to me. The incident was an example of a very common activity that happens there, during the funeral procession.

Read it and you will understand the aptness of the title of this post.

When a person dies there, a funeral procession is carried out. A lot of people gather and take the body for cremation. Now this procession travels through roads of the villages which have got some shops. Some of these shops belong to the typical Munims and Zamindaars. What these people do is that they send there people to these processions to gather all the information about the deceased person like his financial status, ownerships of land, cows and his problems and other pity details..

[Now comes the terrible part]
Now after a few days, these people send their men to the family of the deceased and tell them that the person who has just died had taken money from them (!) (Although he never had!!), which needs to be returned, and that too with unimaginable rates of interest.Β  And to make themselves sound authentic, they have ready reference of all the information that they had collected in funeral procession. The family members, being uneducated and ill-informed, have no choice but to believe these bastards. And they call this process as “Murde is paise banana” (Making money from the dead).

I have nothing else to say.


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May 16, 2009 at 10:45 am

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My experiment with juices – Juice Day 1.0

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Caution : This post may be monotonously boring and exagerattedely sweet.

Fasting is tough. And when I say tough, I mean real tough (atleast for someone like me). But this in no way should mean that I have never fasted. Once on a religious occasion, I did keep what is known as ‘Niraajal Vrat‘ (Fasting without water) – I was without water and food for about 18 hours (!) that day . And I swear – It was really very tough. Makes me realise how much pain our mothers take when they keep uncountable number of fasts in a year.

So, on Saturday, just out of nowhere, a thought came to my mind. Would it not be exciting to live a day where I dont eat anything? Just drink loads and loads of juices and water. Why not celebrate a sort of JUICE DAY? I even tried convincing one of my friends to do the same. But he was ready to celebrate the day on a condition. He would have juice of a bit different kind the entire day. πŸ˜‰ So I dumped my friend for this plan and decided to do it alone.

So, Saturday night, I finally decided to do it.
The next day, that’s Sunday, would be a Juice Day 1.0.


[I am writing this post in real time. I drink juice and write down the experience. Its not one of those write at the end of it all posts.]

[Sunday Morning]
Its 0530 Hrs in the morning. πŸ™‚ O.K. I am exaggerating. Actually, it is 0600 Hrs and I am ready to start my Juice Day 1.0. Yes…its strange, but I do wake up early on Sundays to cycle around the areas I live. Its interesting to see how the world looks when no one is seeing you. Or rather, you see more when you are not seen by others. Oops…Sorry for being philosophical so early in the morning. Will write more about my cycling nirvana some other time.

I had brought myself a litre of Tropicana Orange on Saturday night itself, as it would not have been possible to get it in the morning. So after doing the doing word (read: verb) called cycling, I am tasting the Juice first time on the Juice Day 1.0

By the way, I have a solid reason to refer this juice day as version 1.0. If I fail in my endeavour today, atleast I can track my way and make another attempt 1.1 or 1.2 or 1.3Β  till I succeed.

So how does the juice taste first thing in the morning. I have a word for it. Divine. And this time, I am not exaggerating. Its really awesome. Somehow I get the feeling of being cleansed. Seems like juice is pushing out all the toxics out of my body as it flows down.So till now I have had half a liter of juice. And also about a litre of water.
[Juice Meter : Juice – 0.5 Lts ; Water : 1.0 Lts]

[Sunday Afternoon 1300 Hrs]
Let me tell you, its not easy. It is 44 Degrees Celcius outside. (Did I hear OMG from all of you? πŸ˜‰ ) And here I am drinking Orange Juice. 2 Glasses of it. I had really started feeling hungry a while ago. And just imagine that I have not eaten anything since Saturday Night. The juice is filling…but only for the stomach. I am actually ‘feeling’ hungry!! My stomach is full but my heart is hungry. Hungry for food. Hungry to EAT something. And it has only been around 13 hours of the Juice Day. Oh Man…11 hours remain.
[Juice Meter : Juice – 1.0 Lts ; Water : 1.5 Lts]

I have bought a tetra pack of Real PineApple juice right now. A litre of it. I hope it will make a tasty dinner. πŸ™‚

I have also bought some chips to celebrate the end of juice day at night.

[Sunday Evening 2030 Hrs]
Just about 2 hours back, I had a glass of Pineapple juice. My god…now the ‘sweetness’ of the juices is really turning me bitter.

And I also went to the market with a friend (not the same as the one earlier mentioned) and you know what…he wanted to have juice!! (Un)Lucky me…
Even God wants me to drink loads and loads of juices.
So what happens in the market?
What else…another round of juice. This time it was huge glass of Orange juice.
Wow man…I just cant wait for dinner (read : full of pineapple juice) to arrive
Check out the juice meter below now…(its really gaining size now)
[Juice Meter : Juice – 2.0 Lts ; Water : 2.5 Lts]

[Dinner Time : Sunday Night : 2145 Hrs]
So finally, the time has come. It has been 24 hours since I last had anything to ‘eat’.
So here I am, waiting for the dinner to come on the table. Mind you…I am sitting in my company’s guest house’s dining area with my colleagues having a lots of stuff to EAT.
And here it comes…
A 3/4th pack of Real PineApple Juice.
Interesting. Interestingly sweet…
[Juice Meter : Juice – 2.75 Lts ; Water : 3.0 Lts]

[Monday 0030 Hrs]
So finally, Juice Day 1.0 has ended. And it has been a grand success. Though I knew that it is much easier than going on a total fast with nothing to eat or drink, it was not that easy. The main problem with this entire exercise was the hate for the sweet taste developed by my taste buds. During the day, a time did come when I just felt like quitting. Quitting not because it was tough, but because I started feeling too sweet in my mouth after the juices. I really had the crave to just eat something sour or bitter or anything that is not sweet. But somehow the powers above pushed me a lot. I did, eventually complete a day full of juices.

Statistically speaking, I drank 2.75 Lts of juice (all kinds, but only of fruits πŸ˜‰ ) and 3.0 Lts of water. I am in no mood to disclose the number of times I went to the loo (The only drawback) 😦

Though it will make me sound too idealistic, but what I felt is that during the entire day, each gulp of juice had a salutary effect on my will power. This was beacuse I feel that I was continously subverting the pressing desire to ‘eat and not drink’ something. πŸ™‚ Wasn’t that a bit too idealistic? I bet it was. πŸ˜‰ There is one more thing that I would like to add to this idealism – drinking juices all day makes me realise the importance of the ‘monotonous’ food that we eat. I really missed the normal and boring food. Really.

Its already 0100 Hrs on Monday and…
Ladies and gentlemen, I would take this opportunity to conratulate myself on the successful completion of Juice Day 1.0 with flying colors........

Now I would not like to force anyone to do things like I do, but yes…drinking juices a whole day is much more better and interesting than it sounds. Do give it a try.

But I have some suggestions –

Firstly, try to make your own juices as packaged ones are not the best things to have if you want to really have a natural juicy day out. (I will definitley make my own juices the next time around)
Secondly, some quantities of fruits would have really helped. Our body summarily does need stuff to EAT also. So why not fruits?

Thirdly, a chewing gum would have really helped me. The sad part is that I realized this pretty late.

As far as I am concerned, I will try Juice Day 2.0 on the 2nd Sunday of the next month. Hopefully I shall be able to make it a part of my monthly routine (if I can have one). πŸ™‚


[Note : I am having chips now…OMG….bitter things never tasted so sweet]

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May 11, 2009 at 4:13 pm