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6 People I am really thankful to…

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Shah Jahan

For convincing me that, even with so much selfishness, there is still a thing called ‘Love’. If someone just comes up to me and tells that there is no such thing as love, I am going to slap him/her (or better still, throw a slipper on him ;-), and become a celebrity), and ask the person to go and look at the Taj. Its impossible to make such a monument without a feeling called love. For those, who have still not seen it; I can only say that I feel sorry for you. Go and see it. Its once in a lifetime or I don’t know what, that love is personified s beautifully. Don’t miss it for anything. And please don’t go alone. 🙂



Couldn’t have been more thankful to anyone else. It is because of him that we have all our books today. If he had not invented the printing press, we would not have been able to read all those books that surround us. If it hadn’t been for him, we would still be reading text written on leaves!!!

Thank you so much for making this knowledge so accessible to all of us.

Thank you for almost everything we have today.


Warren Buffet

Before knowing him, I believed in Chinese Prime Minister’s call – “To be rich, is glorious”. Now before you make a biased opinion about me, let me clarify that I was not a person after money, but yes, who doesn’t like making money? Then Mr. Buffet came into my life (No, I haven’t met him. But I have read and researched a lot on him). Being the richest man on planet is not an easy task. But being the richest and still knowing the value of simplicity, frugality and stability is really somehting. And this is what defines him. Giving life much more importance than money. Money is there to help us lead a comfortable life. And its is really not the other way round.

Life is not there to earn loads and loads of money. LIfe is there to live life.

Thanks sir. Thank you so much for making me realise this truth early in my life,


Ayn Rand

So being selfish is wrong?

She said no, its not. She made the world realise that we all are born for a reason. A reason that is not for the benefit of all, but our own. We are here for ourselves and not others. We can’t give anything to anybody, till we are able to create. Every man is an end in himself. Not a means to end of others.

Thank you so much for making me realise that I am not answerable to everyone.

Thank you for helping me to gain the ability to think objectively.

Thank you for giving me this ability to decipher between a creator and a parasite. 

And when you said that love is exception making, nobody had ever before, been so right!


John D. Rockefeller

Imagine owning a company that was later broken into 7 ‘smaller’ (I repeat – Smaller) companies. Nothing special about it? Now here is a fun fact about those 7 ‘small’ companies. They were 7 of the 10 largest companies of the world at that time!!!

Now its special 😉

Another fun fact –

Have you heard the names like Exxon Mobil, Conoco Phillips & Total?

All are companies of gigantic sizes in energy sector and 3 of those 7 ‘small’ companies.

Want to read another fun fact? Here it is –

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet fight it out to be the richest men in the world, with around 50 Billion dollars.

John D. Rockeller is the richest man that ever was.

Wow!! Read it again…

John D. Rockeller is the richest man that ever was. Its really something.

Thank you sir. Thank you for changing the definition of big for me.

Thank you for personifying the word ‘superlative’.




Someone (?)

Thank you. Thank you for not being there.

Thank you for not being where I wanted you to be.

Thanks for teaching me that reciprocation is not obvious.

For teaching me that, we can’t have everything in life.

For teaching me that there is no point in forgetting things that hurt.

Because sooner or later, we become used to those things.

Thank you for teaching me that there is no point in running from the past.

Everyone is haunted by their past, and I am one of everyone.

Thanks a lot for teaching me that life does really go on.


Once again, thank you to all of you. I would really have been a different person altogether, if it had not been for you all.



Life in Orbit(s)

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Heavenly bodies orbit.

Planets, moons, satellites, stars, galaxies…all orbit.

They all orbit around something or something orbits around them.

So can a conclusion be drawn here?

Can we generalize a bit here?

Does everything have an orbit?

Do humans like you and me, also have orbits?


Let’s focus on the last statement. Do humans have orbit?


If yes, then around what? What is the center of there orbit?


Do they just have one orbit? Or do they have multiple orbits?


With these questions I begin my Theory of Orbits“.


Yes. Every person is in an orbit. Orbit around something very important. And what is this ‘important thing or centre’? To tell the truth, I am not sure. It can be anything.  Anything and everything. But my personal feelings are that, it might be the “Holy Grail of Existence” – The reason for our very existence. The guiding beacon of our lives.


Now as we have answered the question of “what’s at the centre of our orbit”, let’s focus on the next important question – “The Number of Orbits“,






4 is the answer.


And all of us are in one of these 4 orbits. At a time, we can only, and only exist in one of the orbits.


So here are the 4 orbits –


Orbit 1 : I don’t know that I don’t know, what I want from my life


Orbit 2 : I know that I don’t know, what I want from my life.


Orbit 3 : I don’t know that I already know, what I want from my life.


Orbit 4 : I know that I know, what I want from my life.


The first orbit is the farthest from the center and the distance keeps on decreasing as you go down the list. That is, at the centre, we have the Holy Grail of Existence. Then comes Orbit 4, followed by 3, 2 and 1.


Now, when a person is born, he starts at the orbit 1. He is, at that point, farthest from the Holy Grail (the centre).


Orbit 1 : I don’t know that I don’t know, what I want from my life

This is the first orbit that a person is allotted after birth. He does not have the knowledge about what he wants from his life. And to make the matters worse, he doesn’t even know that he does not have ‘that’ knowledge(!) A person usually spends his entire childhood in this phase. This is the worst (technically) of all the orbits. But there are pleasures, unexplainable, attached to this orbit too. Just remember your childhood days. No worries, no problems, no goals…nothing. No tension at all. 🙂



Orbit 2 : I know that I don’t know, what I want from my life

Now comes the 2nd orbit. A person moves a bit closer to the center. In this orbit, a person realizes that he is born for a purpose. He realizes that he is here for a reason. But…he does not know the reason. He has the knowledge that like everything else, he too has a purpose in life. But what is the actual purpose….he doesn’t know. According to experts like me 😉 , this phase should get over before a person reaches 30. And if the person fails to realize this goal of existence even later, he will most probably lead an aimless life and a life, which is just about existing and not living.


Ideally a person should leapfrog from orbit 2 to orbit 4.

[Reasons a bit later]


So let’s take up the orbit 4 first, followed by the 3rd orbit.



Orbit 4 : I know that I know, what I want from my life

This is Nirvana, in the real sense of the word. A person in this orbit is at heavenly rest. He knows what he wants in life and is going after that very thing. He is existing for the sake of that very goal. He has an aim in life. Orbit 4 is very much a mirror image of Orbit 1. The mind of people in both the orbits are at ease. They are not confused about what they want from life. A person in orbit 1 does not know the existence of any such goal, i.e. he fails to realize that he ought to have a goal. And other one in the 4th orbit has the goal and knows that this is the ultimate goal of his existence.


So why is Orbit 3 different from the other three…??



Orbit 3 : I don’t know that I already know, what I want from my life

A person in this orbit, knows that he ought to have a goal / purpose in life. But he does not know what. Though in actual sense, he is enjoying what he is doing. In his sub conciscience, he already knows that, whatever he is doing, is ‘the thing’ that he really wants to do. But he fails to realize this.

He is happy with the work he is doing but his mind is not at rest. And this is, in fact a dangerous state to be in.


If you have read till here, I am need no prompting that you don’t belong to the Orbit 1.

I have realized that I am in Orbit 2. I am dead sure about that as I have been making revolutions in this orbit for quite some time now. 😉

For those who feel that they may be in Orbit 3….please try deciding about your aim fast. Why should you be worried when you like what you do?

And for those in the Orbit 4…Hi there!! Please give us lessons on increasing our escape velocities (A term commonly used to signify the minimum speed required to move to a higher orbit :: but here we are moving to lower ones 🙂 ) to come to your orbits. Its really difficult to move to the 4th Orbit. Please help!!!


Orbit, orbit everywhere….not an orbit to revolute… 😉


So what’s your orbit.......?




Written by Dev

April 8, 2009 at 3:44 pm