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Holy teachings of Sri Sri Farhan ‘Rock On’ Akhtar Ji Maharaj

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Bhai bandhuon aur hamari pyaari mahilaon

[Ladies and gentlemen]


We are pleased to inform you all, that due to kripa [blessings] of great God, some people discovered the long lost book of Sri Sri Farhan Akhtar Ji Maharaj titled ‘Rock On!!!’ in the urban jungle, now popularly known as Mumbai.


The Holy Book of Rock On!!!

The Holy Book of Rock On!!!


And it was for the benefit of all, that it was decided to release his teaching on a medium, that is modern and on a growth trajectory simply unbelieveable – Blogs.


Reasons of choosing this particular blog are still unknown to small people like us. May be its the wish of the great God or may be this place is destined for this thing to happen. These are things that may never be answered, but we should not be concerned with things beyond our control..


So, without wasting any more time on worldly talks, lets get ourselves immersed in the holy teachings of one of the greatest reformers of our time, Sri Sri Farhan Akhtar Ji Maharaj.

All the couplets, triplets and every other type of ‘lets’ below, have been adopted from his holy book of ‘Rock On!!!’, from the chapter titled ‘Sindbad The Sailor’.


An effort has been made to give the literal meaning of the holy text [where possible, due to little knowledge we have in comparison to the God who wrote it], so that the unenlightened ones like you and me can also benefit from his great thoughts.


Kindly pay attention and please for heaven’s sake, SWITCH OFF YOUR CELLS!!




Sindbad The Sailor Ek Jahaaz Mein Jab Chala Mere Yaar Sunlo Sunlo

Doondh Raha Tha Ek Naye Duniya Ka Pata Mere Yaar Sunlo Sunlo

– Guruji wants to convey the message of inquisitiveness through this couplet. He here refers to a famous sailor named Sindbad, who took a ship into the sea to find new land. A land where nobody else had ever gone before. A land that was still unknown to everyone like us. Message he wants to convey here is that you need to be inquisitive enough to find new horizons. Stagnation is not, and shall never be a man’s fate. Its only becomes one, when the person stops searching for newer horizons and time passes by. We all need to keep moving on. Moving on, ahead of the past and living in present with our eyes on future.


Voyage of His Life - Sindbad goes on

Voyage of His Life - Sindbad goes on




O O.. Anjaane Raahon Mein Tha.. o o.., O O.. Lehron Ki Baahon Mein Tha.. o o..

Sab Ne Kaha Tha In Samandaron Mein Jaana Nahin

Mere Yaar Sunlo Sunlo

Khwaabon Ke Peeche Jaake Kuch Bhi Hai Paana Nahin

Mere Yaar Sunlo Sunlo

– Continuing the divine story of Sindbad, he tells that the path Sindbad took was never taken before. He was moving into the seas without any regard to his safety. He was moving into previously unexplored territory. There may be times when people will not provide support to you. Even those who are very close to you. They may not have confidence in your confidence. They may not be there for you. They will tell you to be practical and stop living in dreams. They will be the ones who are going to explain to you, that why is it useless to go after one’s dreams; they will tell you that why should you compromise in life and take the safer route. They will always be willing to tell you reasons for your dream’s failure.


O O.. Apni Hi Dhun Mein Raha.. o o.., O O.. Sunta tha Dil Ka Kahaan o o..

Us Ke The Jo Sapne, Wohin Us Ke The Apne, Aisa Tha Sindbad The Sailor Sailor

Us Ke The Jo Sapne, Wohin Us Ke The Apne, Aisa Tha Sindbad The Sailor Sailor

– But Sindbad was not concerned with all the misguidance he was getting. He used to listen to what his heart had to say. You should be one, who is ready to listen to everyone. But you should also be the one who shall do what he/she wants. Not what others want you to do. You should be your own cause. You should be your own purpose. The dreams you have, our one of the very few things in life, that are really your own. You are the real and the sole owner of your dreams. You are what your dreams are and not what others have dreamt for you.


Us Ka Jahaaz Ghira Tufano Mein, Mere Yaar Sunlo Sunlo

Phir Bhi Na Aayi Kami Us Ke Armaano Mein Mere Yaar Sunlo Sunlo

Woh Deewana Aisa Hi Tha O o.. O O.. Sapno Ka Humrahi Tha O o..

Us Ke The Jo Sapne Wohin Us Ke The Apne, Aisa Tha Sindbad The Sailor Sailor

Us Ke The Jo Sapne Wohin Us Ke The Apne, Aisa Tha Sindbad The Sailor Sailor

– Sindbad, alongwith his ship was caught in a really terrible sea storm. But this in no way could break his confidence of finding the new world. He was the one who had tremendous faith in his abilities. According to Farhan Ji, life is not always beautiful. Some phases are good and others are equally bad. There shall be times when every single thing in the universe will conspire agaisnt you. They will conspire that you don’t achieve what you want. But there is still something that is in your favour. Its your passion. Its your faith. The passion to fulfill your dream. The faith on your abilities. And there is no force in this universe that can stand in front of the combination of a person’s passion and faith. You should have the faith and passion to move with your dreams. Don’t ever let your dreams die. You are, because your dreams are. Your dreams are, because you are.


O O.. Kuch Paane Ki Chaah Mein.. O O.., O O.. Badta Rahan Raahon Mein O O..

Gehra Samundar Tha Oonchi Oonchi Lehren Mere Yaar Sunlo Sunlo

Kasthiyan Jinpe Mushkil Se Thehre Mere Yaar Sunlo Sunlo

O O Saahil Tak Aa Hi Gaya  O O.., Woh Manzil Ko Paa Hi Gaya O O..

Us Ke The Jo Sapne Wohin Us Ke The Apne, Aisa Tha Sindbad The Sailor Sailor

Us Ke The Jo Sapne Wohin Us Ke The Apne, Aisa Tha Sindbad The Sailor Sailor

– But Sindbad was unperturbed. He was not concerned with what others thought about him. He was concerned about what he thought about himself. He wanted something. And for that, he kept moving. A number of difficulties came in way of his dreams. He was in a sea that was as deep as our inner self and he was being really tested by some very high waves, on which it was difficult for even the larger ships to stay afloat. But he kept moving. He kept moving and finally got to his destination. He realised his dream. He got to his goal. Goals are not that are easy to achieve. Dreams are easy to have but really, really very difficult to realize. You should never leave your journey towards your goal halfway. You should try going the entire way, no matter what the odds are against you. Yes, you will face difficulties. Yes, you will find it easier to quit. Yes, you will be prompted by others to give up. But that’s not the way it should be. We were not born to lose. We were born to try. Try and then keep trying till we win. We have to go all the way in trying. Because what you are trying, is for your dreams. Not anyone else’s, but your dreams. And can you take your dreams lightly? Should you take your dreams lightly? You know the answer very well… 🙂


Tum Ho To Gaata Hai Dil, Tum Nahin To Geet Kahan..

Tum Ho To Hai Sab Haasil, Tum Nahin To Kya Hai Yahan..

Tum Ho To Hai Sapno Ke Jaisa Haseen Ek Sama…

Jo Tum Ho To Yeh Lagta Hai Ke Mil Gayi.. Har Khushi

Jo Tum Na Ho Yeh Lagta Hai Ke Har Khushi.. Mein Hai Kami

Tumko Hai Maangti Yeh Zindagi….




Till now Shri Farhan Akhtar Ji Maharaj kept enlightening us about the passionate approach of achieveing our goals, staying focussed on what we believe in, In the last sep’tet’ (just like a couplet)he takes up the topic of Love – The most sacred of all human feelings. The feeling that makes us humans. The feeling that is the upward glance. A glance to the powers above. A feeling that is so sacred that it can never be understood unless you feel it yourself.

He says that, when you are with someone you love, someone you have full faith on, someone you can totally believe in, then its one of the most unexplainable feeling. You feel that all powers are ‘with’ you. Nothing can go wrong. Just nothing.

Its only the loved ones that our life wants. Its only love that our life wants; nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.




So here we are. At this juncture of our lives, in a place like this, having just undergone a shower of blessings of Sri Farhan Akhtar Ji Maharaj. We should consider oursleves lucky that such a rare book (ROCK ON!!! )was discovered. It has such valuable life lessons that it should be read by each and every human.

We might(not will – because there are certain things beyond our control, and finding another great chapter like this shall be a similar feat )be back with knowledge from more chapters of the book.


Guruji Giving His Holy Preachings

Guruji Giving His Holy Preachings


Till then stay focused, stay passionate and keep ROCKing ON!!!

Love of Guruji's Life - According to The Book

Love of Guruji's Life - According to The Book


Written by Dev

March 25, 2009 at 3:45 pm

Extinction of Homo Economicus – Temporary or Permanent?

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Agents, Brokers, Middlemen…

Remember them??

I bet you do. We can very easily forget those who do something good for us without expecting anything in return. But to forget those, who take money for getting things done for us, is impossible. Now let me ask you something more. Do you remember all those people who did something good for you out of no reason whatsoever, in the last 1 month? And now, try remembering those who tried to extract monetary benefit out of you just like we squeeze a lemon, just like we use a doormat. You will be more prompt in recalling the latter of the two. It’s natural…and it’s not your fault. We all remember more of negativities than positives. We are genetically built that way.

So why am I taking up this issue? Why am I talking about brokers? The reason is my interaction with a CEO of a small brokerage firm in Gujarat, whom I met by chance (I will share more stuff from that interaction in some other post). After I met him and discussed his profession, I got confused. Confused about this whole setup. The age old setup of brokering. I am confused about the future of brokers, the future of agents. I ask about the future because their past was glorious. They have been instrumental in creating history. Or as they say – history is what winners of the wars want. I would prefer it as – history is what the brokers want.

But things are changing. And changing fast. The present is not at all sunny…and I am not saying this because of the ongoing recession.

So what is the basic idea of brokers or agents? To make money, no matter what. Make it from both sides. Take it from the buyer as well as from the seller. But there is a very serious inherent problem with this profession and it is that there is no security for any broker, no matter how big or powerful he is. Anyone can walk into the scene and offer faster, cheaper and more efficient services. And that anyone can just be anyone. And when in the last line in the paragraph before this, I said that ‘I am not saying this because of the ongoing recession’, I meant technology. That anyone can be technology.

Just observe your surroundings…

Most of the travel agents are gone.

Most of the stock brokers are useless these days (though for reasons far bigger than technology).

The airlines don’t want to pay travel agents, because the travel agents were making more money on each flight than they were.

Most of the house sellers hesitate to pay real estate brokers because they feel that known evil is much better than the unknown one.

Traders have comprehensively abandoned full services stock brokers because trading stocks directly is faster and more accurate than taking the older route of calling your broker on phone.

Now days, anyone willing to put in the required effort can do anything with the help of technology instead of paying someone else. (I may be generalizing too much here, but that is my whole idea – I want to talk about the larger pattern of degrowth of brokerism.)

What I feel is that agents are ‘more’ worthless now than they ever were.

They just help you find and get what you want. Just like Google. You ask Google about what you are looking for and Google almost always delivers. Same is for brokers. So if a day comes when something like a Google Killer ‘App’ comes along, won’t you ditch Google for it?

I bet you will…you did the same to Altavista too!!

(I hope you all remember Altavista? 😉 One of the earliest search engines)


So will this species called Homo Economicus survive the present and move towards a glorious future?

I have some serious doubts regarding that.

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March 20, 2009 at 11:26 am

Branded Slavery anyone?

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I was having a discussion with one of my close friends on the ongoing recession (no, we are not economists), when this thought came to my mind. About the brands we use in our daily life. Just ask yourself this thing. When you and I were growing up (if we do belong to the same generation 😉 ), did you here so many brand names? No. Did we pay any attention to the brand of the stuff we brought? No (atleast for me). But now things have changed. We do pay attention to the ‘name’ of the thing more than the functionality of the same. Is it not a dependency on something? I guess it is. Is it not a kind of slavery? I don’t have an answer for this question now. Slavery is something more serious.

To tell the truth, I ‘am’ loyal to certain brands. But there are also items where I am not one bit concerned about the brand I buy.

Like for example, I will never buy my cellphone which is not a Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, O2 (OMG!! – 🙂 I just love it), Blackberry. I will never buy an a phone which is an LG. And I don’t have any reason for that. I just some how hate it by default.

And there are stuffs for which I am not concerned about the brand. Like “Pani Puri”…I’ll better have it at a road side vendor than look for some Bikanerwala or Haldiram!! (I have some friends who actually look for a brand in Pani Puri too!!)

Now here is a list of the brands I am using now. In case of emergencies, I might use others, but ususally, it is from these only :

Cell Phonemotorola1








Cell phone service providerairtel


Search (Thanks Sergie & Brin)google-logo

MP3 Playercreative

Gillette – For everything related to facial hairgillette

Car – Mercedez Benz 🙂 Amenbenz

 and I can go on and on…there will be more and more and more brands.
So am I a branded slave?

I still don’t have an answer.

Earlier generations including our parents , their parents did not have so many brands. But still, they could get their jobs done. Can’t we do the same. Of course we can. It is just a matter of convinience. Brans have become the equivalent of convinience for ur. So has consumerism really changed our lives for the better?

I feel it is too early for me to answer such a question.

Don’t know what more can I say on this. But as far as slavery is concerned, I think that practically everyone is slave to their choices, some consciously and some out of need. But when I say slavery, I mean a moderate one.

Btw, I don’t own a Benz. 😉

Update : I got an award for this post …


So…even slavery has its ‘tangy‘ fruits !!

Crossing the 5th Digit for the first time…

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to announce a new milestone for my blog ‘Lumuhuku’.

Lumuhuku has crossed 10,000 visitors today.

And to mark this occasion, I have put a new .gif on the top of the widget bar on the right. Now you can check out the blog 24 hours.

Yes we are open 24 hours a day!! 😉


Cheers to Lumuhuku!!

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March 10, 2009 at 1:35 am

When Sachin hit 163…

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Now these are the very things that came to my mind when I saw Sachin turn into a non vegetarian by eating Kiwis after Kiwis and then the entire New Zealand, with his 163*. Man…wasn’t he just awesome?? 




It must be a relief for the RBS (?? = Royal Bank of Scotland) guys, who would have sent millions on having our Sachin as their very own Indian brand ambassador. But the way Sachin played – it was like he was trying to personify the lines of an RBS commercial “Once in generations, a player is born, who changes the way game is played”. Couldn’t have chose better words. And after all those losses due to global economic meltdown, at least something is paying dividend to RBS 😉


It makes you feel that it is still a very good idea to support the Mukesh Ambani owned Mumbai Indians in IPL. (But supporting Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance at BSE is a different thing) 😉 (Got the hint na…)



Sachin must have seen Aamir bhai’s GHAJINI twice!! Once to watch Aamir’s phenomenal body with his mouth wide open and shouting “Aaila!” ….and second to get tips on playing the lead in One-Man-Demolition-Roles. 😉


Sensex on monday will rise a 163 points in appreciation of Sachin’s knock of 163*. (Am I predicting?? …of course I am 🙂 (That way, even I will have profits) )

Jai Ho!! Just imagine Sachin hitting a Six into the stands with the Oscar Dominating Jai Ho in the background. Tempting?? Even I thought so. But these ________ news channels (Help yourself an adjective in the blank) kept on repeating this ‘tempting’ concept the entire day man!!! And note that I said channel(s) and not one channel. They all did it!!

Ending with everything has always been an illusion that drives men crazy. But this knock makes me feel that Sachin will eventually be the one who is going to break one Mr. Anwar’s record of the highest individual one day score of 194. (Sorry girls, I know you wont be remembering him. But us guys, can never forget that evening – getting beaten by a person single handedly, on our own soil, in our own Independence Cup!!) 😦

And finally…is marrying a girl older than yourself, really the key to greatness?? (Hint: Saif did it too).


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March 8, 2009 at 8:57 pm

Non Veg Ki Kahani, Ek Vegetarian Ki Zubaani

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Today is 4th March 2009 A.D.

Yes, 4th March.

This is a historic day. This is the day, when one year back, a voracious non vegetarian person, converted to a vegetarian!!

Nothing extraordinary?? Now you must understand that this guy was the person who was almost always on a non vegetarian diet, could eat 20-30 Kebabs at one go. Would look at goats and feel that they only deserved to be on his platter!! Horrible!!!


That person is me. I am sorry but I actually did believe that goats were made for my platter. I am a vegetarian now. 365 days without meat. 365 days of not taking a life for the sake of my tongue. 365 days of being unsuccessfully convinced by my friends to restart my non veggie cruise.




This was our temple, our mosque, our everything. My group of friends and I could always be found near this place when we had time. (Thanks Nitesh, Chandan, Mehdi for being so great in eating so many of those animals along with me 😉 )




And the above pic is not new for a lot of you. This was our favorite place after our college canteen in my college life. Life was really finger lickin’ good. (Thanks Dhruv, Nitin, Saurabh for being there to eat those delicious chicken stuffs….oops, Nitin, you were a veggie man…but still you accompanied us 😉 )


And now after one year, what are my feelings…

I am still the same. Just a bit greener. I am still as compassionate towards animals. Slightly more than usual now. Now I don’t eat them. J

But the real question that comes to my mind is, “Can they reason?” or, “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer?”……of course they can. But point is…”Should they suffer?” I’m sure that a lot of you might be losing interest in my post now, as it would take a rather philosophical turn to justify my stand of vegetarianism. I have written about my vegetarianism debut before also. I just wanted to take up the topic once again on my vegetarian anniversary.

Many of us have pets now or have had pets in the past also, and we can completely understand their feelings and their acts. We know when they are feeling, and what they are feeling. And you won’t hurt your pet, would you? Then why to treat other animals the other way? Why should these animals find a place in our stomach and not in our heart?

If you could see the conditions that these animals (brought up for being converted to food) live in, how they are treated, what they are fed with, we will feel ashamed. It’s not just the killing of an animal that causes suffering, but their living conditions also, that are simply hell like.

So why did I convert into a vegetarian. There really must be a very solid reason for it. Rest assured, it had nothing to do with religion. All I wanted to test myself. I wanted to see if I can stay away from something that is such an integral part of my food.  Let’s see how I can manage the rest of my life. I haven’t done badly in last one year.;-).  And by the  way, I have no intention of converting into a vegan. I can’t stay away from milk and other dairy products too. I just love milk and cheese. 😀

But pleeezzz……just don’t believe me at the face of it. You know the pros, you know the cons. Non vegetarianism is all about convenience. It’s easier that ways. Rather very easy. And it’s even much more pleasurable than being a veggie .

Congratulations to me over my ‘grass’ian victory over tigerish one…

Cheers to me…