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24 on 24

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Times change really fast. There was a time when then was then AND here I am in a time when now is now.




Here are a few of random “Then & Now” observations about me…


THEN – “What, its just 10 am, how can I wake up.”

NOW – “OMG, I am getting so late, its already 7:30 in the morning.”


THEN – “How can I eat the same thing for two days in a row, make something new”

NOW – “Just bring in whatever you have to eat, so what if I ate the same thing yesterday also”


THEN – “Hey man, why are you taking a bath today; nobody is coming to smell you!!”

NOW – “Ah its so hot after the office, lemme take a shower.”


THEN – “Man, when will we get out of our college life? It would be nice to earn some money”

NOW – “Those golden college days. I should take up some higher studies”


and I know, this will go on and on and on….


A Note : Thank you so much Neha for suggesting the title of the post. Couldn’t have thought of a better one 🙂


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February 24, 2009 at 3:26 pm

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A R Rehman says JAI HO to Heath Ledger at the Oscars!!

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So here we are. We have finally landed on the planet Oscar. “Mozart Of Madras”, oops… Mr. A. R. Rehman has done something which atleast Aamir Khan will be proud of 😉 (No harm meant to Aamir though). After costume designer Bhanu Athaiya and director Satyajit Ray, our Mozart is the 3rd Indian to have won this coveted trophy.

But in all the hype of Indians storming the Oscar party, aren’t we forgetting something?

Just try to remember the person who played a really masterpiece of a villainious role. Yes, you are getting closer to the name.

Need a bit more help?

He died of drug overdose.

Now you got it.

I am talking about (Sir) Heath Ledger. Why “sir”?? Oh come on…he was just awesome. Who can forget his lip smacking dialogues in The Dark Knight?


Naah…this should be a better picture for all of us to relate…


As I always expected (after watching the movie), Joker has finally become the “Ace of All Cards”. Heath Ledger, playing the Joker was just awesome. He was so creepy, perfect and dark. Boy, “Why so serious?” has become a cult statement in the real sense.

And was he not a real mix of GOOD & EVIL in the movie??


I bet he was.

Below is a short take from my earlier post recommending an Oscar for him –


…Now lets talk about the awards which need to be bestowed upon the movie and its characters. I recommend an Oscar for Mr. Heath Ledger. Or make it two. One for the best performance of the year and another, a special one for giving one of the greatest performances in a negative role…

…But even if Late Heath Ledger does not get it, it would not make a difference as this was the first time that the Joker had become the Ace of the pack of cards…

So I got my call right this time. Shouldn’t I be in the Oscar jury the next time? I think so J

And I swear, if I have compare my happiness in the 2 cases, I would say that I am much more happy for Heath Ledger getting the Oscar than Rehman getting 2 or 3.

But still, Rehman is a magician.

So thanks Mr. Rehman, for bringing something really cool for us. And Mr Heath…may your soul rest in peace and ‘Jai Ho’ for you

Jai Ho!

Jai Ho!!

Written by Dev

February 23, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Who is the real doormat? The thing on the floor or you??

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Hi men and women,


I am a doormat. Remember me? Lying at the very entrance of your houses or any other room.

So what do I want?

If I say that I will be talking ot you all about my plight, then atleast 90% of the readers will click at the “Close” button of this window.

And instead, it is the other way round. It is me, who should be hearing your plight. It is me who should be empathizing with you all!!

I know you must be thinking that how can I, a doormat, have a better life than you guys?

Let me explain you about this.

Answer this question of mine and then read further –


What is the reason for my existence?


I am here to remove the dirt and crap from you all’s feet. Isn’t it? I am the instrument for you all to get rid of all the unwanted stuff. And what happens when I have served my purpose? What happens when I am full of dirt, old, and almost useless? I am readily discarded. And soon a new one finds its place below your soles.

This is my lifecycle.

So how can I claim to have a better life than you all?

Not all…but definitely some of you, have much more pathetic life than me.

Of course!!

People come and use you like a doormat! They use you to get rid of everything unwanted and then move on to find a new doormat.

What happened? You seem to be astonished. Seems you have been used before. 😉

I know one thing. That I was born to be a doormat. But were you?

Do you have any idea who is using you like a doormat?

Or have you become uncomfortable with this thought itself?


Only you have the answer.


Yours truly,



So are you a one ?

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February 21, 2009 at 2:33 pm

Oh Valentines Day is here ?

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Oh…its February the 14th….Valentine’s Day. So is love really in the air? May be it is, but then why cant I see it. Anyway, no point discussing who is and who is not celebrating this day. The point is that you can’t really make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to the person to realise your worth…isn’t it? 

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February 14, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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Discrete Moonlight

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Have you seen the blackboard in the sky?

With all the stars asking the moon, why,

is it that we don’t get everything we want?

Why is it,

that ending with everything is not a possibility?

A black mole on the chin of a beautiful lady is a sight.

Just like the star nearest to the moon, adds to a night’s delight.


But nobody understands the sun’s plight.

Not even a star to have company with.

All alone and all powerful.


But the luckiest are the stars,

atleast they have somebody in their hearts.

Even if they would never get her,

they will still be moon’s lover.


On the other side,

What about the moon?

She is gorgeous. She is beautiful & she stands tall.

But after the rise, obvious is the fall.

Who says moon is right?

& nobody said that she is wrong.

But she could have sung the song,

atleast with the star, that came along.

But to come along, close should have been their hearts,

And known is the fact, that they were far apart.


One of my earlier poems can be read at I am still waiting for you.


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February 3, 2009 at 1:09 pm

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