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Best Songs of Bollywood in 2008

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I know we are nearing the end of the first month of the year and my post is a bit late to start with. But still I wanted to do a list of sort for the best songs, or rather the songs which I liked in the last year.

So, here I present the list of songs that my ears fell for. Also, you must acknowledge the fact that this is a personal list and is not in anyway guided by any other person except me. Everyone has an opinion…isn’t it? 😉


Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye – Ghajini

Now I really never expected that such a song could be made. Really such heart filling emotions…Rehman is the ‘real’ magician.


Tu Muskura Jahaan Bhi Hai – Yuvraaj

The emotions are so pure in the song. And that is what makes it a winner.


Tashan Mein – Tashan

The most rocking song of the year. No matter how many people have a negative bias for Tashan. I just love it.




Jashn – e – Bahara – Jodha Akbar

A classical beauty. Its so soothing to here this song when you are all by yourself.


Guzarish – Ghajini


Kabhi Kabhi Aditi – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

I have been an old fan of this song. Read this




Jugni – Oye Lucky Lucy Oye!!

Raw. Crude. F’ol’kingly MANLY…..Men Are Back!!!


Behka – Ghajini


Rock on – Rock On!!


Tu Hi Toh Meri Dost Hai – Yuuvraaj

Backlit Vertical DS.inddjannat-poster1dostana-wallpaper1


Singh is king – Singh is Kinng

Crudeness of the song wins it for me….and SINGHS now have their very on anthem.


Socha Hai – Rock On


Khuda Jaane – Bachnaa Ae Hasino


Aahista Aahista – Bachna Ae Hasino


Jaane Kyun – Dostana


Sexy Lady – Race

😉 (Its all about wickedness honey!)


Jannat Jahan – Jannat

A damn ambitious song. Was absolutely spot on with the emotions that the song was supposed to portray.


Tere Bina –Superstar



Get On The Floor – Yuuvraaj

Thats about it all. I have really no issues if anyone has any problems with my list.


Divine Truth

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I came about this quote in a newspaper…


Today’s “Take Home Salary” doesn’t even take you there!


Isn’t it the divine truth?? 


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January 16, 2009 at 12:45 pm

Ram Naam ‘Satyam’ Hai – What a start to 2009

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All of us had put the year 2008 (Read – The year that should not be ‘named’) behind us when we welcomed 2009. After having lost more than 50% in the stocks in a year, who wouldn’t??

And just then, at the very start of the year, Mr. Raju of Satyam makes a shattering disclosure that he was fooling the entire IT industry and everyone else in the world, for the last 7 years or so! The company had almost nothing at all in bank balances and assets except its workforce of 55,000. What happened to the stock was not surprising. It lost more than 75% in a single session.


And what does Mr. Raju have to say at the end of it all –


“It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten.”


The tiger being the company, with him riding under the fear of his past misdeeds getting back to him.

An awesome analogy to say the least.


But shouldn’t we sympathize with Mr. Raju’s courage to come out and admit his mistakes? After all, it takes a lot of guts to do the same.


I don’t think so.


It is quite simple. Just the fact that a person admits to have lied for several years is reason enough for anyone to suspect that what he might be putting forward as the real truth, might just be another piece of lie!

Maybe he found this the best way to get out of the soup. Maybe there are more unpleasant surprises for all of us in store.

Mr. Raju says that he never took a single rupee for himself or his family. Now that is crap. How the hell is it possible that an IT major which has been competing with other international organizations was not profitable? How the profit margins were just 3% and not anywhere near the industrial average of 25-30%? He even went on to say that they have not sold a single share of the company for the last 8 years. But it has been made publicly known that the promoters have reduced their stake from 22% to around 7% now. So, who is lying again…you get the pattern??

We have just been around 2 weeks into the New Year and still have another 50 to go. God know what shall happen next.

Something somewhere went horribly wrong with America

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Stephen Roach, the chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia refers to the Americans as “the most over extended consumers in world history.


And he was not wrong.


  • The low interest rates in the US, gave Americans the money to keep buying stuffs that they could otherwise have never afforded. (Read LCDs, SUVs, Houses etc.) Now they borrowed against these houses to consume even more. And all the time, they never had any to pay all of it off. Because there was absolutely no rise in income.

They enjoyed their rising wealth without any rise in incomes.

Now that is what you call being stupid!


  • Fuel prices in US were too low for too long. Nothing seems wrong in this. Isn’t it? This allowed companies like GMs to continue churning out gas guzzling SUVs with little interest in developing newer and efficient cars. With easy credit available, these idiots kept on buying these cars.

Now that is what you call being blindly stupid!!


  • And to top it all, people started making money out of nowhere! Engineers and scientists joined the financial sector and gave devised “Complex & exotic (Read: Toxic)” financial instruments to make money out of money. So what is wrong? These instruments had underlying securities that had almost no value in them at all in the real sense!!

And this had to end somewhere. And what a way it did 😉

Common sense says that finance is best left to those of economics and not scientists and engineers. The latter should be involved in ‘real’ engineering rather than ‘financial’ engineering.

Now that is what you call being stupid in every sense of that word!!!


And most of us would recognize the magical cards below…


 Credit Cards - The New Weapons of Mass Destruction!!



Yeah…these are really magical!!!

You can buy anything in the world you want with these. Even if you don’t have the damn ability to pay for it.

These are the real “Weapons of Mass Destruction.

& these have actually killed the American Economy (Most probably for a really long time to come.)


Its not just simple economic meltdown that’s happening in America. It is something far more dark and serious.

The entire root system of the American TREE has been uprooted. And mind you, this cannot be put back in soil just like that. It is dead!!

Now Americans need to replant themselves with NEW seeds to economically get back to where they were.


They need the seed of saving more.


They need the seed of consuming less.


They need the seed of investing in themselves rather than the stock markets.


Yes. It is really that simple.