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Soups, Cities & lots of Tea : How things are changing??

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No, I have not turned into a chef specializing in soups and tea.

No, I am not a traveling salesman either.

But things have changed. Or rather I should put it like this that the things have started to change for me.

For those who have read my last post, it was a known fact that I had put my blog on hold for a while. The reason is now for everyone to see..


Soups, Cities and lots and lots of tea.


Let me make an attempt to explain.

My life is morphed. Morphed from a simple jeans-tee guy to a more professional dude (though I swear that even I was surprised by these developments!!). Now ‘dude’ sounds a wrong word to use with ‘professional’, but I cant change my original DNA composition so soon.. 😉


Now, I am an employed guy. I have joined an energy behemoth. An oil giant. There are few things that I want to achieve before dying. One of them was to join a FORUNE 500 company. Luckily, this wish has been fulfilled. And thanks to my organization, I have already clocked more than 4000 kilometers in the last 15 days!! Seems my wish of visiting more than 100 Indian cities before dying, will soon be a reality. (LATEST UPDATE : I have done 44 till now).


Till recently , I had this thought in my mind that if you want to see the cultural diversity of India as a whole, you just need to travel by the Indian Railways. Now I was not completely wrong in this but I can bet that if you could just randomly pick 50 people from my organization, you would definitely have all these coming from atleast 25 different states and union territories. And I think that it is a really fortunate thing to be able to know so many cultures at one go. Seems I am in a stock exchange where people and cultures are traded.


While on my way to the western part of India, for my posting, I had to land at Mumbai for some time.  And unfortunately, I was there at the time of the terrorist attacks. And fortunately, I was not in the vicinity of the attacks. Now it’s not easy being a terrorist. But aren’t these idiots really stupid and full of shit?? Do they think that 15 men can change the destiny of 1.1 billion people?? It simple defies the common sense!! Nobody has that kind of power. But let’s leave it….no point discussing such things…


So finally, I reached Gujarat in one piece.

Having moved from a buzzing metropolis to a sleepy town (no…city) in Gujarat, is an experience in itself. Shit..I forgot to share my experience of the airtrip. When the plane accelerates on the runway for its takeoff, it’s such an awesome feeling. The way the body is pushed against the seat, is just phenomenal. It just symbolizes the upper hand that machines have over us. So, what so special about my experience? It was my first flight.

And these Gujaratis are born entrepreneurs. You can see the spirit of business in everything they do!! And how can we forget the man named Dhirubhai Ambani. But the best thing about the culture here is that people still have time for  each other. They still work to live rather than it being the other way around. And that is one hell of an important thing!!!


I also happened to visit certain beaches and lighthouses near my place. And I swear that its so beautiful to see the reflection of the rising sun in the sea…the pleasure of walking on the wet sands with waves washing my feet was just so…orgasmic!! (Sorry…I don’t have another word). It was here that I could literally see the meaning of “Leaving your footprints on the sands of time.”


So how do soups, cities and tea make sense here in my life??



– in the last few days, I must have drunk a million litres of soups of various tastes and types. Where? Oh…for that I should thank my company for supplying liberal quantities of it during our lunches and dinners. My employer has ‘actually’ put me in a soup.



– I have been moving so much lately that it seems my dream of visiting 100 cities will soon be a reality.


& TEA?

Oh, how can somebody not understand it??

With every job in India, there come lots and lots of tea to keep a person awake in his office



Written by Dev

December 16, 2008 at 6:17 pm

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