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Comma in a sentence…

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It seems that for some time now, I might not be able to post on my blog. And yes I may be completely wrong as well (i.e. I might be back tomorrow also)… Reason(s)?? 

There are many. And I assure you…they are all boring. So why should I spread the boredom?

But the good news (atleast for me) is, this is just a leave, so I’ll be unavailable only for a while. That is to say that this is just a pause and not the end. A comma and not a fullstop in a sentence.


So in my absence you can read some of my interesting posts like –


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Lewis Hamilton’s SECRET LETTER to Barack Obama!!!

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[Random Ramblings…]

An open letter to Fernando Alonso

My lunch with Warren Buffet – The Greatest Investor Ever

Luck is spelled as Planning, Preparation & Execution

World Financial Mess – A Walkthrough


And in case you do feel like…please subscribe Lumuhuku in a Reader or by Email, so that you get to know when I come back out of my hibernation.

Thanks and take care…I will be back soon…

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Written by Dev

November 14, 2008 at 2:26 am

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