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5000 is here – What next?

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Whew…another milestone for Lumuhuku. Lumuhuku crossed


visitors today. And if I remember correctly, it took about 3 months (technically 85 days) for this stat to become a reality. Just to mention it as a matter of fact, it took Lumuhuku under 15 days to reach the first 1000.

Mathematically, at 1000 – Lumuhuku had about 66 visitors a day

& at 5000 – Lumuhuku has around 58 visitors a day

🙂 Seems a slump….but so what?? My level of enjoyment kept on rising with each post.

And I must confess that there have been times when I didn’t knew what to write about. You can read what I did in the post What should a blogger do when he has nothing else to do. I would like to share a bit of history about Lumuhuku here; before coming to WordPress, I was using one shit of a service by Google called Blogger. I will recommend not using it.

So what next???

Of course, more traffic… 😉

Cheers to Lumuhuku

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Written by Dev

November 10, 2008 at 8:46 pm

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