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Comma in a sentence…

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It seems that for some time now, I might not be able to post on my blog. And yes I may be completely wrong as well (i.e. I might be back tomorrow also)… Reason(s)?? 

There are many. And I assure you…they are all boring. So why should I spread the boredom?

But the good news (atleast for me) is, this is just a leave, so I’ll be unavailable only for a while. That is to say that this is just a pause and not the end. A comma and not a fullstop in a sentence.


So in my absence you can read some of my interesting posts like –


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Thanks and take care…I will be back soon…

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Written by Dev

November 14, 2008 at 2:26 am

How to use Windows Live Writer as a portable USB application?

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Now this was one functionality that I desperately wanted. So if you are a blogger, who uses the great Windows Live Writer, you will be surprised as well as happy to know that you can use Windows Live Writer as a portable USB application!! That means that you don’t need to install it on each and every computer you use to post. Just plug the USB and play (oops…blog!!) 🙂 This tools does actually make Windows Live Writer portable!

You will first need to install Windows Live Writer to obtain all of the program files. And if you don’t use this software for blogging, I can bet that you are missing something really cool.

So, after you’ve installed Windows Live Writer, download and extract the contents to your USB drive.  Finally, copy all of the files and directories from C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer to the WindowsLiveWriterPortable\App\WindowsLiveWriter directory on your USB drive.  

To run Windows Live Writer Portable, just launch WindowsLiveWriterPortable.exe from your portable drive.

windows live writer portable

[Source :]


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Written by Dev

November 13, 2008 at 1:46 am

My dream lunch with Warren Buffet – The Greatest Investor Ever

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Let me confess it first. Warren Buffet is the equivalent of God for me. So any biases & excessive use of superlatives that might have crept in this post should be acknowledged & respected by you.  🙂

$600,000 is what I paid for a lunch with Warren Buffet. I know it is too much for anything, leave alone a lunch. I could even have bought a Class A or B share and would have been granted an access to the now ‘a pilgrimage of sorts’ Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meetings. I would also have received the letter from Berkshire Hathaway as well as some of the cool See’s Candies… 😉


But this is the price I was always ready to pay to meet my God. And almost an year after having won the bid for the privilege of dining out with the world’s richest man and my idol, Warren Buffet, here I was at New York’s famous steakhouse, Smith & Wollensky, for my big moment & pilgrimage.

I was out of breath when I came out of the taxi. I was already late. That too at such an occasion!! I was really feeling very stupid at this when I saw Warren, dressed in a dark suit and yellow tie, seemingly in no hurry and ‘waiting for me’ outside S&W. I bet I could see a halo around his head! Really. But he had no airs of being larger than life figure. But shit!!! was this a dream? I could see that Warren was not alone. He was accompanied by none other than Charlie Munger and Ajit Jain. Now it is one thing to bid and win a lunch with god (read Warren Buffet), but getting to have lunch with 3 great men @ a price of one, is one great investment. 🙂 But just then the dream ended, and Charlie and Ajit left me with my God alone. They had some personal priorities greater than me… ;-)The Oracle of Omaha was more than happy to let me get as many pictures clicked with him as I wanted.

After the pictures were done, we sat down for our meal. The menus arrived and Warren ordered for a medium New York T-bone steak with hash browns and a Coke (Berkshire Hathaway owns shares in Coca-Cola Co.). Out of awe and respect, even I ordered the same, completely forgetting that I was a vegetarian!! I realized it after a while and called the waiter back, and modified my orders. Warren was all smiles and I knew that nothing was hidden from my God. 🙂

It didn’t strike me when we were chatting, but when I look back now I realize that over the 4 hours , we discussed millions of different topics, ranging from Warren’s value system as an investor to his friend and Berkshire Vice Chairman Charlie Munger to the importance of picking the right life partner. But really the thing that made the biggest impression on me had nothing to do with Warren’s investment philosophy. Rather, what was moving was his love for his former wife, Susan. “I never did anything for Suzie, but she did everything for me; I wouldn’t have been as successful without her.” Even great men like him are not perfect when it comes to relationships. 

It was time for dessert (ice cream in shot glasses) and for our lunch to end.

And with that my ‘Cursed’ alarm clock buzzed me out off the bed. Shit!!! I never realized that this was a dream. 😦 And I swear that I will always be ready to swap my realities with this dream.)

It has been around 3 years that I have been learning vicariously from Warren. And I, not a very ‘awesome’ investor, have turned into a vastly better human being. Now this is what should be called a dream lunch…isn’t it??  😉

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5000 is here – What next?

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Whew…another milestone for Lumuhuku. Lumuhuku crossed


visitors today. And if I remember correctly, it took about 3 months (technically 85 days) for this stat to become a reality. Just to mention it as a matter of fact, it took Lumuhuku under 15 days to reach the first 1000.

Mathematically, at 1000 – Lumuhuku had about 66 visitors a day

& at 5000 – Lumuhuku has around 58 visitors a day

🙂 Seems a slump….but so what?? My level of enjoyment kept on rising with each post.

And I must confess that there have been times when I didn’t knew what to write about. You can read what I did in the post What should a blogger do when he has nothing else to do. I would like to share a bit of history about Lumuhuku here; before coming to WordPress, I was using one shit of a service by Google called Blogger. I will recommend not using it.

So what next???

Of course, more traffic… 😉

Cheers to Lumuhuku

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Written by Dev

November 10, 2008 at 8:46 pm

Lewis Hamilton’s SECRET LETTER to Barack Obama!!

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Hello Mr. Obama,

Congratulations on your victory Mr. Obama. Though I was really sad for Sarah Palin (read eye candy!!) loosing out on Vice Prez, I am happy that you have become the most powerful person of the planet. Americans now atleast have someone to show off their dislike for racism. But hey, you know me..isn’t it??

I am Lewis. Lewis Hamilton.

An F1 driver!! A world champion!! Shit…how stupid of me. You Americans don’t know that F1 stands for Formula 1…(I’ll remember it the next time). And just to prompt you to further read my letter, have a look at the picture below….I even resemble you!! OMG !!


But unlike you, I had to work really hard for my world championship. That Massa guy, almost had it this time. Had it not been for Toyota’s Timo Glock, I would have again lost it by 1 point. God bless Timo. And the funny part is, that last year, I lost the world championship by 1 point (I know, its really sad) and this year, I won it by 1 point. But I do feel bad for Massa. The guy must be really frustrated. This time last year Felipe Massa was playing the supporting role as Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen took the 2007 drivers’ championship. On Sunday at Interlagos the roles were reversed, Massa almost snatched it from me. I swear, Massa is no longer the Ferrari number 2. He is now as strong as Kimi.

And just read what Massa had to say after the race –

“It was an exciting day. We did everything to perfection and we almost managed to pull it off. Then, as I crossed the line, race engineer Rob Smedley told me that Hamilton had finished fifth and therefore he took the title by one point. Sport is like this and one has to accept that. Congratulations to Lewis: whoever gets the most points deserves the title.”

Now that’s a true gentleman. Just like us…the Britishers. Oops…Massa is a Brazilian (American). 😉

But your job is not as adrenaline pumping as mine. You have 4 years to run your country. I just have some hours to run a good race. Talking of adrenaline, how can I forget Fernando Alonso? The Spanish Bull overflowing with adrenaline. I am 100% sure that this guy is going to win the next year’s championship and have me kneeling down in front of him. But lets be a bit optimistic and cross the bridge when it comes.

So what about Palin? Can’t you persuade or force her to join you as a democrat? I swear you will have a lot of glamour in your armory. And we all know the power of glamour. 🙂 And please, do something about the economic mess that your predecessor George Bush has created. I am no expert in economy but theses guys from BBC just keep on saying that world is in a recession, USA’s economy has come to an end and ‘Queen knows what not’.

What else…?? I think I will now spend some more time with my new girlfriend and my autobiography. I have to complete it soon or I’ll become too old.

Till then, cheers to ‘our colored victory.’




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Gujarati Of The Year 2008

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Unanimously, the Gujarati Of The Year 2008 Award goes to Mamata Banarjee.

For single handedly bringing the mother plant of TATA’s NANO to Gujarat.

Mamta Banerjee Talking to the media

Apart from the cash incentives, she will also receive a customized TATA NANO as a tribute, from Mr. Ratan Tata.

Tata Nano



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Written by Dev

November 5, 2008 at 9:46 am

Why Reliance Power’s IPO tanked on listing ? Warren Buffet has the answer

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Reliance Power

Reliance Power’s IPO got fully subscribed in the very first minute of its opening (!!!) & attracted $27.5 billion of bids on the very first day, equivalent to 10.5 times the stock on offer. But the IPO was neither floated to augment any existing infrastructure of the company nor to expand the company’s presence in its sector. The money was to be used for funding the development of 6 power projects (from scratch) across India. i.e. The company was just a virtual entity till then (!!) And to get the shares in the IPO, people borrowed from various sources, hoping to make a killing on listing and paying back to ‘those’ sources.

Reliance Power debuted on the stock markets when the bearish phase of the markets had just started (January 2008). And ended the day 17 per cent lower than its issue price on the Sensex (BSE).

Yesterday, the stock closed at Rs. 122.60 (down more than 70% from IPO price)

So how does Warren Buffet (the God) answer our question “Why Reliance Power’s IPO tanked on listing ?”

He once said –

“When you combine ignorance and borrowed money, the consequences can get interesting.”

In Reliance Power’s context,

IGNORANCE – People were ready to pay a high price for a company that will earn its first Rupee after 5 years of IPO (!)

BORROWED MONEY – People dug into their life’s savings to invest in the IPO & some idiots even took loans (!)

Warren Buffet>Anil Ambani

(Buffet – “Hey Anil, Were you sleeping when you priced your IPO?”)

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