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What should a blogger do when he/she has nothing else to do?

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Now this might have happened to you. Atleast it does happen to me and that too very frequently. 😉 So what should, or rather what can a blogger do when he is not posting stuff on his blog?

Scratching HeadScratch your head.
Believe me, this sometimes works wonders. It seems that when you scratch your head, the brain juices start flowing and bingo! you have an idea to better spend your time. And it feels pretty good too. 😉 And if you get bored of scratching your own head, try scratching the nearest guy’s head.


Watch TV and think about your blog being declared the ‘Best National Blog’.

Call a random telephone number and tell the unknown person about the advantages of reading your blog.

Try explaining to your dog about your blog.
And if your dog seems to be getting drowsy, just think about your readers… 😉

Post a comment on other’s blog that their blog is showing PORN in header images
Isn’t it interesting and wicked??

Go and sleep.
Nobody is going to die if you don’t write.

Let your blog go to hell (for a while).
Even you won’t die if you don’t write.

 Dev the Devil Click to know more about the devil.

DISCLAIMER: Hey, did you take me seriously?? A lot of these suggestions are really dumb, so don’t take them seriously!!

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Written by Dev

October 24, 2008 at 12:24 am

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