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World’s 2nd Fastest Car

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You must be thinking that why am I talking about the 2nd fastest and not the fastest car in the world? The reason is that I like Veyron much more than the SSC Ultimate Aero (the fastest one) and because Veyron is just in its own class…

Bugatti Veyron…isn’t it beautiful??

Bugatti Veyron - World's 2nd Fastest Car

Even when Veyron is at a standstill, the car’s enormous power is intuitive.

With its classic look, the large radiator grill – adorned with the hand-enameled Bugatti emblem – represents the ultimate grandness of the Veyron. With its 16-cylinders, it is definitely the most sophisticated production vehicle of all times.
And you won’t believe, it has a total of 1001 HP!!! Awesome… and yes…it has a top speed of almost 408 km/h!!

One more really cool thing about Veyron is that its ceramic brakes slow it down faster than it can accelerate. While it takes this exceptional car only 2.5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, it needs even less time – a mere 2.3 seconds – to come to a standstill from 100. The car documents state a maximum velocity of 407 km/h, but as I said, it has already clocked an amazing 408.47km/h on April 19, 2005.

Veyron operates in 3 of the modes. In standard mode, used for speeds up to 220 km/h, the rear spoiler system is completely retracted. In handling mode, used at higher velocities, the vehicles nose is pulled down and the monumental rear spoiler deployed. This produces an additional 350 kg of downforce without compromising the Veyron’s exceptional turn dynamics. And then there is the top speed mode for velocities beyond 375 km/h, which is activated before the engine is started. At top speed mode the front diffuser flaps are shut to make the underbody absolutely level, and the spoiler is completely aligned with the chassis, forming a tearing edge – thus, the Veyron is perfectly adapted for top velocities.

Topspeed key

Topspeed key (The key which everyone wants to have in his car)For speeds beyond 375 km/h, drivers need to activate this top speed key.

Oh…I forgot to tell….it is also the most expensive production car available at a price of a eye popping 1.1 million euros.

A really special version of Veyron is Pur Sang. With no body finishing and reveals its pure aluminum carbon fibre body. And just think about the number of radiators your car have?? One?..two?….The Bugatti Veyron has a total of 10 radiators!!

  • 3 radiators for the engine cooling system.
  • 1 heat exchanger for the air-to-liquid intercoolers.
  • 2 for the air conditioning system.
  • 1 transmission oil radiator.
  • 1 differential oil radiator.
  • 1 engine oil radiator.
  • 1 hydraulic oil radiator for the spoiler

The Veyron has the greatest acceleration of any production car to date, reaching 60 mph (97 km/h) from a standstill in 2.46 seconds. It reaches 100 km/h (62 mph) in approximately 2.5 seconds

Lets talk about this marvel’s fuel consumption. The Veyron consumes more fuel than any other production car, using 40.4 L/100 km in city driving. At full throttle, it uses more than 115 L/100 km (2.46 mpg imp/2.05 mpg US), which would empty its 100 L fuel tank in just 12 minutes 46 seconds.

Gordan Murray, designer of the McLaren F1 declared that, “The braking is phenomenal. … And the primary ride and body control are impressive too” and “It’s a huge achievement.” [He was very critical of the Veyron earlier].

So…??  …interested in buying??

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