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Business Book of the Year 2008 – The Snowball : Warren Buffet’s authorised biography has arrived

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Life is like a snowball. the important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill.

snowball Wow!!!….Now how much more, can you be right, about life? As expected, Buffet’s life wisdoms continue mesmerizing me.

THE SNOWBALL – the much awaited and highly anticipated book with life experience and life-wisdom of the man known as “The Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffet is live and available.

Though there have been ‘n’ number of books concerned about Mr. Buffet’s extraordinary gifts as a businessman and investor, THE SNOWBALL offers an unprecedented look into Buffet’s life, of his values and his strategies, of his total experiences—all of which combine to tell a great American story.

Unlike any book ever written about Mr. Buffet, this book will be both a life story, and a biography of his ideas. It even takes up the earlier secret topics of Warren Buffet’s Love Life.

Warren Buffet, one of the richest man in the world, having once again proved his financial genius in this latest US recession by becoming the Guardian Angel for Goldman Sachs, still maintains his reputation for frugality, wisdom, humor and straight talk which make him seem like just a regular guy, like he might be the billionaire next door! And as you might have seen (if you ever read the About Me section of this blog ), he is the guy who inspires me the most. He is one of my heroes.

The 976-page book is written by former Morgan Stanley insurance analyst Alice Schroeder. She first met Warren Buffet when she published research on Berkshire Hathaway. Her grasp of the subject and insight so impressed him that he offered her access to his files and to himself. Now we could have never expected to get much closer to the God himself than this…isn’t it??

My comments  on Snowball??

Go and grab this Bible!!!


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