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An open letter to Fernando Alonso

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Hi Fernando,

It would be very stupid to ask you about you well being. I know you are not good right now. And its the Renault’s useless shit-on-wheels that is troubling you this year. But, how could you sign them on for 1 more year? You should have waited a bit more to see if they are getting any better or may be some other team might be interested in you.

Never mind. The point is that you have been the world champion twice. But if I did not tell those watching the race about your previous victories, your current form won’t prove your heroics at all. So that’s a serious problem for you dude. But now my confessions to you. I always was and will remain a big fan of Schumi. Michael was literally a rule changer. I don’t think that anyone was ever, in sporting history of any sports, was so instrumental in getting the rules changed, just because, he was too good for others!! But Michael is not in game anymore. Lucky you. So here comes my next confession. You are the best that we currently have in all the drivers. Your aggression of Spanish Bull, your maneuvers with terrible Renaults, your moving up the ranks having started at the back of the grid, are all awesome. So why am I telling you all this? Because I want someone deserving to win the championships. And for that you just need 2 things. First is a good car. A driver is not complete in himself. A car and driver are one unit. So find your better half and do it soon. Secondly, you should learn from this guy,…..what is his name….lemme see… yes….. Kimi ‘I AM ICE COLD’ Raikkonen. I am sure you might have heard about him. 😉 Aggression does not always pay. Just see how cool this Kimi man is? And did you see that last year when he won the championship from you and Lewis, he did not even celebrate too much. I know that you are more aggressive while you are unconscious, than he is in his F1 car. But still, you need to take some yoga classes or ice pack treatments from him to cool yourself down. So won’t I suggest some lessons from Lewis Hamilton. No. Never. You are far better than he is.

I know you secretly desire to join the ranks of Ferrari. Oh come on… its not a surprise find by me. I know your ‘BULL’ish instinct and I am not color blind that I could not notice that Ferrari is you favorite or most ‘hated’ color. But dude, there will be certain problems for you at Ferrari. You are a hot tempered man and so is the Italian team. And sooner or later, Schumi will start running the team. And its very obvious that you don’t want to answer to Schumi, do you? So be cool and don’t take your decisions with your hot head. You can always contact me for further directions.

And yes…don’t worry if you don’t make any significant contribution to the first night GP at Singapore. I am not expecting anything with you, in that SHIT Renault.

Be brave

A Ferrari Fan


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  1. rightly said alonso is currently one of the best drivers in the circuit along with kimi and hamilton(he is catching up fast)…but being a ferrari and Schumi fan ,for me bottom line remains the same”NO One can ever..ever…better SCHUMI ,no matter which car he is in”


    September 27, 2008 at 10:41 am

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