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Heath Ledger in Dark Knight : An ace of a Joker

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Hancock was what I had thought would be a great movie. The reason being, my love for one man ‘Will Smith’ shows. But as Joker’s destiny wanted, I ended up watching the Dark Knight. And I swear, never has a superhero movie, ever before, left an impact like this.
Rarely does a movie with this much hype ever live upto it, but this film just blew past all sorts of benchmarks set up by previous movies of the same genre.
Heath Ledger, playing the Joker was just awesome. He was so creepy, perfect and dark with “Why so serious?” poised to be a cult catchline. How could have anyone planned so well? It was simply unbelievable. Man on a mission, Joker literally wanted to carve a smile on other’s faces!
Only shortcoming of the movie was that they could have chosen a much better looking girl for the lead. But nevertheless, it would have taken the ‘darklight’ of the joker. So cheers to this non-beautiful decision by the director Christopher Nolan.
Scenes of batman jumping of high rises were just jaw dropping. Could not have asked for a better special effects and camerawork. Being a car enthusiast, batmobile and then the bat’s bike did leave me gasping for breath.
Now lets talk about the awards which need to be bestowed upon the movie and its characters. I recommend an Oscar for Mr. Heath Ledger. Or make it two. One for the best performance of the year and another, a special one for giving one of the greatest performances in a negative role. Camerawork should also be given a nomination, to say the least. A best movie will do real good to the movie and us. And yes, that of best director ought to go to Christopher Nolan. I read it in a newspaper column, where a movie buff was saying that if the Joker does not get the Oscar this time, it would be best to boycott the Oscars! I totally agree the gentleman’s view.
But even if Late Heath Ledger does not get it, it would not make a difference as this was the first time that the Joker had become the Ace of the pack of cards.

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July 30, 2008 at 6:32 am

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An year of loving, missing, hugging and kissing

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It has almost been an year since i started lumuhuku… for the strange name of the blog, as u all know, it stands for love u, miss u, hug u, and kiss u, (thanx nitesh!!)….though i havent been very regular in my posting, i still feel that i can do much better than this and churn out more posts…i have always used my blog as my voice…(now isnt it obvious!!)…for posts, i do get comments which appreciate me as well as depreciate….so my thanx goes out to both …
not much too say for such a post…jus a big THANKS to my readers

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July 11, 2008 at 6:23 am