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A non-veg-pro turns veggie

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Unlike my previous post, the pro I am talking about is ‘me’.
Yes! I have turned vegetarian. Those who know me personally, have been shocked at my decision.So what actually happened? I was the one who used to tell my friends that, ‘tigers don’t eat grass’ and ‘veggie tigers would soon be dead’ and all the crap…
I may sound very bookish, but we, unlike the tiger, can survive without meat. Then what moral justification can we offer for causing pain and death to someone who cant even speak?

I would say none!
Just keeping your taste-buds happy is too stupid a reason to quote.

In my transitional stage of conversion, I used to be I a dilemma. That how could I give up something that I cherish so much? But as they say – ‘the best time to leave a party is when you don’t want to.’ I realized that whenever I eat meat, I will be responsible for a loss of life.

The last line I just mentioned was reason enough for me to give it up.

But pleeezzz……I am not advocating vegetarianism or prompting anyone of you to quit. Even I know the pleasures of being a non veggie 😉
I just quit for the simple reason of being a ‘human with intelligence’, and not an animal.

And if my writeup does ever help someone to turn a veggie, I would be delighted. And please do let me know of your ‘grass’ian victory over tiger. I commit that I would be in the first few to congratulate you….

Happy being veggie or non-veggie 😉


Written by Dev

April 13, 2008 at 10:44 am