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How to weaken your opposition

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Hey don’t get me wrong!I am not trying to say that you got to weaken others whenever you have to get some work done…
As this is definitely not cool…
But once in a while, you can definitely gain a shrewd victory by employing the following tactics…

“When the other party begins to weaken, it is essential to maintain the pressure and simultaneously showing a way out.”

What this dark thought says is that when you are dealing with someone who, at that moment, is about to weaken; it is of utmost importance to maintain the pressure so that he breaks completely and is under your total control.
But it would be full fledged victory only if you can prove it to him that you care for him.
This can be made possible by making him visualize all the possible solutions to get out of the pit.

Essentially, I want to say that, push your victim into the hole and then pull him out too. So that he is able to experience what you are capable of doing.

But I will always say, that it is your decision in the end about how to handle tough situations.
And I always recommend… DO NO EVIL !



Written by Dev

June 29, 2007 at 5:34 am

Love ?

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I am not here to bog you with stuffs like “ Love is a selfless feeling…blah blah..”For those who have found the love of their life, you might not be able to digest all of this…
But still, I feel like pouring my heart out on this VERB


Yes! Love is a VERB (though technically it’s a feeling and specifically a NOUN..)

Love is simply put, EXCEPTION MAKING.
When you love someone, you are making an exception in the rule for the person. Though, the degree of exception might differ from person to person.
But is this feeling, so simple?
Definitely not.
It is the reverence and worship and glory and the upward glance.

now it has become so complex… 😉

Love is simply speaking, giving yourself up. Its like you are ready to handover a part of your life to someone you have chosen.
It means giving up your understanding and becoming more comfortable with the unknown.
Love does not mean gazing at each other or just cuddling away but looking outwards together in the same direction.
Very rarely, I repeat, very rarely will you see someone loving somebody other selflessly. It is always that the person is in love with his own ‘choice’ of the person.

But I have seen a lot of people who are in love and I swear, the twinkle in the eyes of a person who cherishes you and the glow on her face are the most beautiful things anyone can witness on this earth.

Always remember, that before you can say ‘I love you’ , you must know the meaning of ‘I’ or you will fail miserably.

And ladies…always do remember one thing…
When a man is in love with a woman, she is in big trouble.

Keep rockin’


Written by Dev

June 27, 2007 at 8:11 am

My First Post !!!

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Hello earthlings and aliens and who all are out there…

As you know, this is my first post. Though I had been planning to start my blog but, as usual, laziness got the better of me…
But now, I am here sharing my thoughts – good and dark ones as well, thinking, adapted stuffs I like and all crap…
LuMuHuKu !!!
But why LuMuHuKu… because I love you, I miss you, I want to hug and kiss you… 😉
Yes, because you are still reading my post and you deserve all my affection.

Why I write this blog?

It is because as a great human, it is my moral duty to spread great ideas.
Hey! I may not be great right now, but future definitely belongs to people like us voicing ourselves.

You might be thinking, what crap is this guy saying?
Then I would say that you please look at the top right corner of screen.
See a box with a cross?
Press it. And ‘EUREKA’ you have got rid of me.

And if I still have any readers left OR you plan delaying your ‘cross pressing’ activity, then do read my post…
And I commit I will do my best not to disappoint you…and also I promise to Love, Miss, Hug and Kiss your comments on my posts…





Written by Dev

June 27, 2007 at 6:52 am

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